Monday, October 26, 2015

So this was a good week this week!!! We had another conference, and this time it was a regional conference...  It was good, we heard from Elder Anderson.  Even though he doesn't know Spanish very well, he talked in it, and it was great!!! They really need to learn how to do the conferences better here though, because it is just really hot, and there are never enough seats... 

So this week I got to go on an exchange with Elder Strong again, and it was great!!! We had fun! And we taught a lot of people together!!! I also this week found a cool monkey!! 

The Pinto family is doing better, they finally are realizing that the way to come out of there problems is the gospel, so that's great!!!  Also the Leon family is realizing that, They are both really great!! 

I feel like the whole family is just busy bees that run around everywhere all the time, but I guess that is what makes us happy so why not keep doing it!!! Im glad to hear how good everyone is doing!!! 
Thanks mom for teaching me about that, it makes me want to study more about Abraham!!!  You are the best mom, thanks for everything you do!!!! Love you!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Well, we had an absolutely great week here!!!  This week was Stake conference, aand this one was a great conference. The area 70 came, Elder Balderama.  He gave an amazing talk to us, and also President Willard did an amazing job! It was just so great for all the people who were there, and so many people liked it!! 

Everything is going good for me and my comp here. We went to this one area this week, that we have never been to. I felt like we were just walking in the straight jungle, and then we found a street with houses.  So we started to contact them, and it seemed like no one wanted to talk to us at all, then we got to the last house on the street, and we contacted a guy, and his wife, and we taught them a little.  They said they weren't that interested, and that they were from other churches.  But we still taught them and said we would come back. Then Saturday when we went back, and they were very happy to see us.  When we started teaching, the man said he had a lot of questions for us about the pamphlet.  We asked if we could explain it first and then see if still had questions.  So we taught about the restoration.  Afterwards he said he didn't have any questions about it, and he just wanted to know more about the organization of the church. Then we invited him and his wife to be baptized, and they said yes, and they said they felt like they have always been looking for a church like ours, and feel like they finally found it!!! They are just so great, then they went with us to Stake Conference, and they loved it!!! 

The Millares family is doing great, I had some pictures I was going to send of them, but I forgot my camera, so here's a picture of My comp and I when we went bowling.

And the family of MIcaela is doing great, they are just so much happier now!!! They went to Stake Conference, and loved it so much!!! They are just doing so great!!! The Pinto family is doing better, even though they are having some trials.

Thanks so much family for all that you do. I love you tons, and you guys are the best!!! 

Monday October 12, 2015

So this was a good week here!!! Sister Lucy is just the best ever!!! She loves us so much, and she loves the gospel too!!! She always wants to invite us over for pizza, and she has introduced us to all of her family, and all of her friends, and tells us that we need to baptize them!!! Haha she is really the best!!! So we went and visited the Leon family, and they said they really want to be baptized still, but the problem is she can't take out a new I.D because she doesn't have correct papers, and she can't get correct papers cause she doesn't have an I.D... So they feel like they will never be able to figure it out... 

My comp is doing a lot better now though, he´s not complaining of all the work as much!!! haha, but no, we are working really hard even though he doesn't like it, and we are just going crazy contacting and teaching, trying to teach as many people as possible!!! 

That's so great to hear that the family is doing so great, you guys just seem so happy, and that life is just loaded with fun activities, and just so much joy!!! I guess that what the gospel is!!! That's the kind of joy I just wish everyone could have!!! Every time we visit the Millares family it's just so full of love and happiness, and I know it's because they now have the gospel in their lives!!! They are just so happy and Brother Juan Luis should get the priesthood on Sunday so that will be great for him!! 

Well I love you family, thanks for all the love you guys have!!! 

Monday October 5, 2015

So, Lets just say that conference was the best!!!! I absolutely loved it, all of it!!! The speakers were so inspired, and the new apostles are so great!!!! They are going to serve so well in their new callings!!!  So in conference, I think my favorite talk was the first one by President Uchtdorf!! Where he asked people to step back and simplify their lives in the gospel!!! Out here, teaching people, I feel like that is a huge obstacle for people, that they look at the gospel like it is so hard, or one thing that they don't understand perfectly, and they distance themselves from the gospel. Just like president Uchtdorf said, That the gospel is so easy, a child can understand, but also so profound and complex that it takes a lifetime to really grasp it! 

I just really loved it, and I am so excited to put in practice all of the promises, and challenges that they made. 

So everything has been going great, Sister Lucy our convert is just the best, and she always wants to invite people to hear us, it's the best!!! She also made us pizza the other day, and it was so good, but my comp doesn't like pizza, so I had to eat all of his... haha also the Millares family is doing great!!!  They talk about their temple sealing every time we go over there, and they are so excited to get sealed in a year!! 

My comp is also doing good, He is not used to waking up early, and also he doesn't like walking everywhere, but he is doing really good, and we are getting along great!!!! 

I'm so happy to hear how good you guys are doing, I love you Family so much, and thanks for all the support!! And mom I was thinking about you during all of Elder Hollands talk, and President Nelsons!!!! Love you mom!!! 

Coming home from the Priesthood Session

Monday September 28, 2015

Hello Family!!!! 

So I got my new comp!!! HIs name is Elder Mori, and he is from Peru!!! He is way awesome, and way tiny!!! I feel like he is like my little 14 year old brother. Just because he is so new!!! Haha 

My comp and I get a long great though. He is completely new, and training him is a lot harder than it was with Elder Carrasco.. He doesn't have medical problems or anything like that, he just has never read the scriptures before his mission, and it's not as easy for him to teach.  But he is still way great, and he is way funny!!!! 

Everything in the mission is going great!!! We have had like a bunch of miracles just in this last week.  We are going to start finding a lot of new people in this area! (even though I am sure I have contacted every house here) The members this last Sunday told me I should buy a lot here just because I have been in this ward for so much time!!! Haha but its ok, because I love this ward, and I love working with the people in it!!! 

We had a trainers meeting right before we got our comps, and it was amazing!!! President is just so loving, and does such a good job of teaching us!!! 

Mikaela and her family are doing great, and they are all so excited to be going to church, and they love my new comp, because they have family who lives in Peru! The Leon family are going through a lot of trials lately... they had a funeral two Sundays ago, so they couldn't go to church, and then his sister was in the hospital so they couldn't go again... they are a little sad because they think they will never be able to fix their papers. But, last night we visited them, and they are almost into Alma in the book of mormon! So that's good!!! 

The mission really is going great, I'm really excited for this week, and the chance to hear so much revelation from the prophet, and the new apostles, I think it is an historic moment!!! 

Well I love you all, Dad I'm proud of the goal you have!!! I have started reading Doctrine and Covenants, and lets just say that that is very powerful!!! Love you all family, and I'm glad to hear you are all doing so good!!! 

Monday September 21, 2015

So transfers came this week.....  Based on some stuff that my comp has been going through, they are going to let him go to his house, and I am staying here to train again.... Haha crazy I know, I have been in this area a long time, and it looks like I'm going to stay more time. I will get my new comp on Wednesday! 

But this week was great, Mikaela, got baptized, and also Sister Lucy got baptized!!! Sister Lucy is a lady that my comp and I found that we have been teaching for four weeks.  When we first met her she wanted nothing to do with us, but agreed to listen to us, but said she will never get baptized... Then she just had an amazing conversion, and got baptized, and she is just amazing!!! She loves the church and she told us right after that she wants to bare her testimony in church, and she wants all of her family to go to church!!! 

So my comp had a long interview with President this week, and after he called me in just for a second, and we had like one of the most powerful moments ever. He just expressed some very powerful thoughts to me, and he just made me feel so great, he is such an inspired man!!!  He told me I was going to train again, and that my comp was going home.  But my comp will be fine, he just has to work stuff out and he´ll be back!

Also, I just finished reading Jesus the Christ, and let's just say that it is one of the best books I have ever read, so much doctrine, and so many different perspectives!!! 

Well I love you family, thanks for all of the support that you give me!! I love you all!!! 

Monday September 14, 2015

Well If you can't tell by my picture, this was an amazing week!!! We had a conference this week with Elder Uceda, from the 70, and let's just say that it was the best and most powerful conference I have ever attended!!! It was also the first time in the mission that I have had a general authority visit us! 

So this was really a great week. Elder Uceda invited us to do a lot of things to be better missionaries.  There are so many things that I need to do to be better!!! He also made us a lot of promises.  It is easy to tell that he is a man with power and authority from God.  But at the same time he was so humble.  It was just great!!! 

Mikaela has been doing a lot better.  If her health stays good she should be baptized this week, along with Sister Lucy that we are teaching. The Leon family is getting kind of disappointed, and so it's getting hard for them. I really hope they can have a miracle to help them with their papers. 

This week was kind of hard for us to work. We had to go to the dentist twice, and the clinic once... My comp just keeps having medical problems, so we are always just going back and forth to downtown. I guess we will see what happens this next week during transfers... I really don't want to leave this area, because I love it so much, and the ward too! But I have also been here for almost 6 months, so who knows... 

When Elder Uceda was here he also invited all the Latinos to learn English, and for all the white people to get better at Spanish.  So that has been my goal. I am studying Spanish a lot more, to perfect it, and also my companion and I are speaking a lot of English, so he can learn it better!!! 

Well thats all for this week, I love you guys so much, and mom please tell Jeff  Happy Birthday from me!!! 

Monday September 7, 2015

So this was just great!!! The Millares family did get baptized and it was just great!!! They are so happy!! When they met Elder Strong for their baptism interview, Elder Strong asked them what their purpose of getting baptized is, and they said that their goal is to be baptized and in a year go to the temple to finally be sealed for eternity!! It made me so happy to know that I get to be part of helping them become an eternal family!!! 

The little girl Micaela who was supposed to be baptized a couple weeks ago has been really sick lately, she was actually in the hospital for these last three weeks, that's why she never got baptized... Saturday she finally got out of the hospital and Sunday, she was in church with all of her family. After sacrament her dad pulled me aside, and he wanted to talk a little with me. He expressed to me that he has never felt loved by the church, even though he has been member since he was eight.. He said he has always just gone in and out of activity in the church because he feels like people just look down on him... Then he thanked me cause he said that he felt like I was a missionary that actually cared about him and his family, and that we have been helping them have the motivation to go back to church. They are just such a great family.  We are going to start doing family home evenings with them a lot more.  So that they make the habit of it! 

My comp is doing great. Tonight we have to go to the dentist, and they are going to do some work on him.  So I guess we will see how that goes! 

I'm so glad to hear that BYU beat Nebraska. That's the best story ever!!! They must be doing so great!!! I 'm excited to watch them play next year! Tell everyone I love them and tell them all thanks for the prayers!  I love you mom, thanks for everything you do! 

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Monday August 31, 2015

  So this was one of the craziest, but also one of the best weeks I have had. My comp has needed to go to the hospital a lot, like everyday.  Then we had to go to the dentist because of his tooth.
  On Wednesday we also had a conference with President which was great.  After that I got to go on an exchange with Elder Strong, one of my best friends from the MTC, and it was the best!! 
  Then Sunday was great, but also way crazy!! So my comp and I had 13 investigatores in church, which was super great.  The Millares family should be baptized this next week, but then the last hour was way crazy, and I'll have to tell you guys when I get back!  But after that we had to try to solve everything, and sorry I don't have many pictures to send, my camera got a virus, so I dont have pictures now.... Oh well!! 
  Well just wanted to say I love and miss all of you guys!! I'm glad to hear that everyone is working so hard, and that everyone is doing so good!! I love you all!!! 

Monday August 24, 2015

Well it was a great week here!! I got to go on an exchange with Elder Decoud to this little town that is right out side of Santa Cruz, and its called Cotoca! But in the town there aren't buses or anything to get around, and there's only moto taxis, so we went on those the whole day and it was great!!  Then at night we bought some really yummy pizza, it wasn't as good as Little Ceasars, buy I still loved it! 

  This week we also had interveiws this week, and president is just the best ever. He helped me and my comp out so much!!! Then my comp he has like this fake tooth, cause when he was little he broke it, but this week his fake tooth broke, so now he has to get that repaired, which will be tough for him, but other than that he is doing really good! 

 The Millares family that we are teaching are doing really good, and they are going to get baptized on the 5th of December.  Which is going to be great!!  They are so great, and they were so prepared when we found them!! I'm sorry that my letter is short this week, but I really dont have much time.   I love you all so much, and thanks for everything! 

Monday August 17, 2015

 Awesome week here!!!! So lets just say it was amazing this week!!!! My comp and I have been needing to find more people to teach.  So we decided thats all we were going to do!!!  So we just started going all over the place looking for new people.  We found like seven new families, that accepted us, that we are starting to teach!!! 

  It has been cold here this week, and when its cold it's a lot easier to find people in their houses, so that's what we did!!! We just were so blessed to find them, and I feel like so many of them are going to progress!!!! 

  Things are really going great here, Familia pinto are doing great, and the Leon Family had some trials this week, but they are still getting ready to be baptized!! I feel so bad for them, because they are always in church, and always talk about how excited they are for baptism, they just have to keep waiting!! 

   The truth is that everything is just going great, I love and miss you all!!!! You guys are the best!!! 

Monday August 10, 2015

 So transfers came today, and I'm super happy because I get to stay in this area with my companion for another six weeks!!!! I'm way happy because I just know it's going to be great!!! 

  This last week my comp and I had a meeting with President and all the other new missionaries in the mission, and it was amazing!!! I learned so much from president and so much about the importance of the people here! President brought an entire new perspective into my life about the mission!!!  Then he related it to the atonement and it was just great!!! I want to tell you all about it, but I'll just explain it when I get home.  Because it was really deep and great! 

  So this week I met an RM from the stake here who was in our ward.  We started talking and turns out he served with Brandon and finished his mission with him!  He was trying to show me a picture but he couldn't find it!  All he said about him was ¨¨the really good missionary who wears glasses and is super funny and plays the piano?´´ and I said yep that's him!! Hahaha 

  The little girl who was supposed to get baptized couldn't.  But she will for sure this week!!  And, we have this new family that we are teaching and they are great!!! They have gone to church twice now, and Saturday night we taught them, and my comp and I decided that we would teach them about temples, and they loved it, Then two people in church gave talks about the blessings of the temple!! Then when we were talking to them after they said they want to make a goal to get sealed in the temple a year after their baptism!!! Then they said when they get sealed I need to be there.  So it looks like we have to come back here mom!!! But they did also say they want to get sealed in the salt lake temple so I guess we will see!!! Hahaha 

  It's just been really great here!!! Thanks for everything, I love you guys all so much!!!

Monday, August 10, 2015

Monday August 3, 2015

So we had another great week here!!! The little girl that was suppose to get baptized got really sick, so we didn't have the baptism.  But now she is better so she should get baptized this next Saturday!!!

Everything is going great here.  This week we had three great families come to church, and they all were so happy to be in the church, and liked it a lot!!!  They are all so excited to keep listening!!! 

So this week I went on an exchange with Elder Taylor from Arizona.  While we were together like a minister from another church called us over, and we talked with him, but we were late for an appointment, so we told him we would come back another day.  When I went back with my comp the guy starting talking to us normally, but then just wanted to fight with the scriptures (something I hate doing)  My comp knows a lot about the bible, so he was just drawn in to arguing with him.  I just had to keep sharing my testimony and tried to tell my comp not to fight!!! haha 

So its been great in the mission though. I love it here, and transfers are next week. I guess we will see what happens!!! I love you all. Thanks for everything that you do! 

Monday, July 27, 2015

So this week, like all the other weeks was just absolutely great!!! We had chance to meet a lot of new people, and teach a lot of new people! We helped this one guy get his car out that he got stuck in the dirt. and we contacted him and set an appointment to come back and teach him.  Then later that night walking home I slipped and fell completely in the mud..... 
  But my comp and I have been working really hard this week with a couple less actives that the ward has given us.  They all came to church yesterday, and are all super excited to keep going to church so that is great! Then there is a little girl who her family is part of the less actives and she is going to be baptized  this Saturday!! so then the whole family can be members and be attending!! 
  Things with my comp are going super well, This week we also went to Burger King last monday, and it was taste of America!! (cause there doesn't exist McDonalds here, or Taco Bell) 
  The ward is working better here! The entire Ward Council has changed, and now we are learning how to work together more. I think it will help things progress in the ward! We are learning how to work with the ward better, and I know that that will help us have more sucess!!! 
  Well thats all I have this week!  Thanks for everything that you guys do! I love you guys so much!!! 

Monday, July 20, 2015

It was a great week here!!! So I had my birthday on Wednesday.  We also had a zone conference that day.  After we got done some members invited us over for cake, and they sang for me, it was awesome!!!!  Then we went and bought some burritos at this one super yummy place!!! Then I made sure to buy some snickers in the super market, (even though they are kind of exspensive) to celebrate a little!!! Haha my next birthday I will either be home, or on the plane ride home, so we can celebrate together!!!! 

But even though my comp has been having really bad teeth aching problems, we have been working super good this last week!!! We had some amazing lessons, and we are learning so much together!!! But we also had a great experience this last week!  When we went to lunch, we got there and the husband was not there.  So we told the wife that we can't go in, and we will just wait outside till he gets there.  She kept saying that it doesn't matter, and it's ok, we can come in.  But we told her that we really couldn't.  Then like Two minutes later a man came walking by and said hi to us.  He told us that he was a member from another area but he was passing by to visit his sister. Then he told us how his sister was not a member, and asked if we could join him to go meet her.  So we went, and met a very nice couple, and they seem really interested about learning more!!!!  It was great, because if we would have gone inside to wait we would have missed that man, and we wouldnt have been obedient! 

Well thanks for everything.  I love you guys so much!!! I hope everyone is doing great!!!! love you all!

Monday, July 13, 2015

Wow seems like you guys had a ton of struggles to make everything go right!! It has also been raining a lot here!!! I sent some pics of me and my new comp in the rain!!!  It's crazy here.  Everywhere just turns into rivers!!
 Well this week has been great!! My comp and I started contacting a lot, because we are struggling to get new people, and we just had a week full of miricles!!!! There is one family who just fell into our hands thanks to some members, and they seem like they will be great! Then there was this one house that when we were late going to this one appointment I felt like we should stop and contact this one house... My comp was kind of surprised because he knew we were late.  But I really wanted to contact it.  So we knocked, and some people came out, and let us in.  We got in and started teaching this 18 year old kid.  When we were teaching, his little brother who's 14 came out and started listening.  Then his sister came out and started listening.  Then his grandpa, then his cousin!!!  We started teaching and they were all so interested in our message and so we just changed our message and started talking about the BOM, and they were all so intrested, and want to keep learning!! 

Everything is really going great here though.  My comp is struggling a lot getting used to the mission.  But we are slowly working things out!!  I love it here!!   I'm so happy to hear that you guys are doing so good!!!   You are the best parents ever!!!   I hope you all have a great week!!!!! love you all! 

Monday July 6, 2015

Well training is a lot more different than just normal mission work..... So my comps name is Elder Carrasco, and he is frorm Santiago, Chile. He is super amazing, and we are going to do lots of good things together.  Something is wrong with this computer, so I can't send pictures, but I will the next week. 
   So when we were in the training meeting right before it started president called me over, and told me that he felt really strongly that he knows who my comp is, and then told me who my comp was going to be, and that the Lord trusts me with him... He never tells people who there comps are going to be before the meeting, so I feel like I have a really big responsibility... 
  But this week was great.  For the first time we went in the new church, and we had a lot of people attend.  Even though it has been freezing cold here, and rained everyday this last week.  The new church is so nice, and so beautiful.  The Leon family loved the church also.  Unfortunately, they found another problem with their papers so its going to take two more weeks to process them.... The good thing though, is that they are staying excited!!!! 
  I'm so glad to hear that grandma is doing better, I was so worried about her this last week, and that relieves me to hear that shes out of the hospital!!! 
  The rain this week has been really tough, I feel like I just wade through rivers all day, because that's all it is... my area just fills up with water, and you have no other choice than to walk in the water.... 
  But it's been a great week, thanks for all your love, I'm so glad to hear you guys are doing so well!!! Love you all tons!!! 

Monday, June 22, 2015

We had a great last week here.  Yesterday was the dedication of the new church in my area, we will start attending it on July 5. I'm so exacited!!! The stake president gave a talk right before he gave the prayer, and it was by far the best talk I have heard here from someone in the mission!! He just first started talking about how we need to maintain the church, and always keep it clean. Then he related it how we after our personal dedication need to stay clean, and stay dedicated.... and if we have fallen off of the path, how can we stay rededicated! It was just such an amazing talk.  Then after President Willard spent some time talking with me and my comp.  So we got to wish him a Happy Father's Day!! haha 
The sad news is that the sister of the Pinto family, the one with cancer passed away this last week.... and they had all the funeral and stuff there, and all of their family came in from all of Bolivia.... It really hurt them, but they are still staying so strong, it's great!!  The Leon Family are finally getting everything done with there papers. On Thursday they asked us if we could fast with them, so that they won't have any more problems with their papers and that they can finally get baptized.  So yesterday we fasted, and it was such a great experience.  Then a lawyer in our ward offered to help them all day Wednesday to get everything done!!!  It's great!!! 

This is my comps last week in the mission, and he wants to give everything that he's got.   So we are going to work like crazy so we can just have tons of miricles!!! 

Everything is going great here though.  I'm so happy here!   I love you so much dad, and I hope you know that you are the best.  I have yet to meet anyone who works harder than you, and who still makes time for church and his family!!!  Thanks for everything family, love you all so much!!!!! 

Monday, June 15, 2015

So we had a great last week here!!  We had a cool baptism with this kid named Wilfredo!  His whole family are members, he just never got baptized until now!  So it was a really cool week!!! 
So the weather is really messing with us now, the other day it was boiling hot, but now it has gotten super cold.  I feel like I'm freezing here.... It's just like a weird cold that is just full of humidity, and it goes right through all our clothes!!!  And there is always like a weird misty type of rain, so it just makes you soaked all the time.  But the members are so great here.  That when it's even a little cold they invite us for hot milk, and mate.... haha..... 
So the Leon family is doing super great.  They just have absolutely no money, so they are waiting till they can save up enough to get married, and then the wife said she can't wait to get baptized and start to pay tithing so she can receive financial blessings... Haha they are just so great!!! I'm really jealous that dad gets to go golfing so much.  Tell him he can't use my driver though!!!  But it really has been going great here.  I love you guys so much, and I'm grateful for everything!  I hope everyone has a great week!!! 

Monday June 8, 2015

Loving it here in the jungle!!!!  Haha.  So absolutely great week here!!  We had a baptism this last week, with the last daughter of the pinto family!  Yes, the dad got a job, and he is working as a helper now... It's not the best job, but it's something!  They are really doing super good!!! 
Haha so my comp and I have been having a great time here.  We have so many great people, that are getting ready to be baptized!  As soon as the Leon family finishes all of their papers for marriage they will be baptized!! They are so sweet!!  They read more in Book of Mormon than the members!!! 
So the heat came back here, we have literally been burned like everyday in the street.  But it says that it's going to get cold here again this week... that's what winter is like in Bolivia!!  Haha and this week this one super drunk guy told me I need to stop bleaching my skin, and how I need to be more natural..... Haha and then on Sunday we walked passed this one church, and there was really loud music and there was a pastor outside with a microphone and a bunch of kids, and a huge sign that said The Fun Hour With Jesus.... There is just a lot of apostasy in this world.... 
Well I'm so glad that everyone is doing so good.  The BOM journey sounds so great, and I'm sure it's going to turn out great!!!! Tell brandon im proud of him, and that he needs to Invitarle a ser su compaƱera para la proxima mision! 
I love you guys so much, I'm so glad that everyone is having so much fun!  You guys are the best, and the best family ever!!! love you all!!!!!

Monday, June 1, 2015

An awesome week last week here!!!! we have been working like crazy with my comp here. we have a goal that we are going to baptize someone every week of June, my comps last month in the mission, so we really have to work hard!!! 
The Pinto family is going great, but also having trials already... The Tuesday after their baptism the dad lost his job, and they really have like no money.  Then the dads sister died this last week.  So its been really tough for them.  But its ok, because they know that these are just trials to see if they'll stay faithful!  Then, the bishopbric visited them, and are taking care of them now! 
You'll have to send me pictures of the new king benjamin tower!  I'm also really sad to hear that Elder Perry passed away.  He has completed an amazing mission here.   
So it has been raining a whole bunch here.  Like more than ever before.  I don't think I have seen the sun for like five days... It's kind of depressing.  Hahaha.... And it's super hard to walk in mud, because my shoes are just like a muddy mess.... Hahaha.  There were a couple of cars that got stuck that we had to help push out, so its been a crazy week!!! 
Haha I'm so happy to hear that everyone is doing so good.  I love you guys so much.  Thanks for everything!!! 

Monday, May 25, 2015

Well the Baptism of the pinto family went great!!  They were so happy and content!!!! Their wedding went great also!! Even though this Elder, who we called to go fill up the font at 5:30 for us, forgot, and got there at 6:00 to start filling it up.  But the people who baptized before us never drained the font, so it was super dirty and full of water so they had to let it drain and then clean it out.  When we got there, they were still filling it up.  We had to stall a lot.  Then, when the daughters and the mom were changing into their baptism clothes, they gave us the wrong ones, so they didn't fit into the clothes, so we had to create a make-fit shirt, and the extra pants... haha but everything ended up going well!! 
But this week was crazy.  These last couple of days it has been raining a lot, and the people here really don't want to listen to us when it is raining.... 
My comp and I have been working hard to find new people, But everything is going great here.  I love all of you.   And I'm glad everyone is doing so well!!  Love you all! 

Monday May 18, 2015

So an absolutely awesome week here!!!!!!! My comp and I have been working como locos here!!!!!  We are just loaded with people to teach.  We have seen so many miricles!!!!  We found this new family that has always wanted to be part of the church, because they liked the things it taught.  But they never had the nerve to go to the church!!!  Then we found them, and on Sunday they attended church!!!  Also, the whole pinto family was at church, and another great family!!!!  It was so amazing!!!!!!!   The Pinto family has everything ready, this Saturday they are going to get married at 11 and baptized at 7!!!!  It's awesome!!!
We also went to a place last thursday that is like a huge park, that's just straight jungle, I saw an emu and a crocodile!!!  Hahaha.  The other picture is with Elder Langford, he is from Beaver.  He is really good friends with Houstan Oldroyd's family!  He says he was always spending time with them! Hahaha, who is the girl who's coming here?  Do you know her last name??? 

I'm so proud that aubrey got her blessing!!!! I absolutely love my blessing.  I read it almost everyday, and I always, always find new  stuff in it!!!!  It inpsrires me to be better, because I have so many blessing that I have to complete!!!  Like Elder Godoy said in his conference talk"Are you living your life in a way that you can complete the promises in your Patriartical Blessing?"  That talk insprired me so much to try to be better, and to strive to complete those things!!!!   I heard about the payson temple, I heard it's way beautiful! 

I would just like to tell you guys how grateful I am, I am so blessed to have parents like you guys, and I am so grateful for all the things you guys did to help me stay on the straight and narrow path. even if I did make your hairs turn more gray, I am really grateful! thanks for everything, I love you guys so much!!!!

Monday, May 11, 2015

This was a great week here!!! The Pinto family had another miracle to help them keep going!!!! Their daughter who is 18 and has two kids didn't want anything to do with them, and like four months ago ran away.  They had no contact with her, and were all really sad.  During a lesson, two weeks ago, the mom started crying and said she just wanted her daughter to come home.  So, my comp and I gave her a blessing of comfort.  She was really happy with it! Then Saturday night the daughter came home.  She said she was sorry and said she was just having troubles.  So we had a really great lesson with them.  At the end we all knelt down and ended with a prayer.  After the prayer when we were leaving the mom called me and my comp over and said  "Thank you so much. For the first time in my life I have my whole family together kneeling in prayer!"  I just felt so happy for them. I know that their daughter came back because they are starting to live the commandments!!!!! 
 Our converts are doing really well, she should get a calling next week.  She is probably going to teach in primary So that should be great!!!! 
 It was so great to see you all yesterday!!! I love all of you guys so much!!!! I'm so proud of my eternal family that I have!!!! I am so grateful for your prayers!!! love you all!!! 

Riding in the back of the Bishops truck.

Cooking at the Bishops on Mother's Day

Monday April 27, 2015

Hello MOM and DAD!! What an amazing week I had this last week!! I always put Miricles as my topic, because we always have so many miricles!!! I sent you pics of the baptism we had this last week!!! The sister in the picture is someone who has attended church for like the last two months but was never baptized because she always worked on Sundays and has always left church early.  One day after church she came up to us and said! "Elders, I felt the spirt and I know that this church is true, i want to be baptized as soon as possible!!!"  Then then she quit her job, and started attending all the hours!!!  It was great for her and her sister to be baptized... her parents can't yet, because they are not yet married, but they are preparing to get married soon!! The problem is it just cost like 70 dollars to get married and that's a lot of money here. So no one has or wants to pay that money... We are teaching so people who have been living together for 21 years and have 5 kids, and aren't married.... But when people understand the gospel they get married fast! 
  the other pic is of a backyard Sunday BBQ that we had!! He is our elders quorm president, and he is way awesome!!! haha even though we were cooking on a pile of bricks it made me really miss the Sunday family dinners that we used to have!! hahaha 
  We also had Stake Conference this last week, and it was great.  The church was so full though that we didn't really get to watch much of conference but I still heard a little bit of it!!! 
 We need to plan out what time im going to Skype this next Sunday! I know time is flying.  It feels like last week I was Skyping!!!  Thanks for everything, I love you all!!!!! 

Our awesome Elders Quorum President cooking

Two amazing sisters before their baptism

Younger sister of the two girls who were just baptized

My first District Leader in the mission field.  Elder Rogers from Utah

Monday, April 20, 2015

So we had an absolutely awesome crazy week here!!  In my area they barely ever have lessons with members. But when I got here I really wanted to change that!  So my comp and I have been trying so hard to always have members and it's been so crazy!!!  We've seen miracles!!! So we are like breaking records of lessons with members!!!  But we have this one family who the dad and his daughter were happy to hear us and went to the church last week.  But then Sunday morning we went to pick them up for church and his wife went also!!!!  And then we had other families at church also, it was so great!!!! Church is like 35 minutes away but they are going to finish a church in like 3 weeks in my area!! 
I love it here, we are finding so many great people like every week, and the people are so prepared here!!!! It's so good to hear that you guys are doing so good! I am so glad to see how well everyone is doing!!! The basement looks so nice!!! haha 
It was my comps birthday last Thursday and we went to the house of a member cause they wanted to make him food, and we ate some yummy empanadas!!! Hahaha well I really don't have much time, but I love all of you guys!! Thanks for everything!!! 

Monday, April 13, 2015

Wow, for the first time I'm not putting Brandon's name in my email list!!! It's so weird!!! Well if you can't read from my subject line, I got transferred.... And I'm actually really sad about it, because we were working so hard with the families there, and the members were so great!!!! But it's ok, because my new area is awesome!!!! 
  So my new companion is from argentina!! haha and we live in a sweet house.  We live with two other elders... One of which is my trainer!!! haha its funnty the I live with him again!!!! Haha but our house is way nice, I feel like I am living in the states.... It's crazy!!!  I get along with my comp way well, he is sweet, and way awesome!!! 
  So we have this one family who is amazing here!!! The only problem is that my area here is huge, and they live at the farthest most part of the area, and we have to take a bus to get home every night.  So we are always sprinting home!!! But I guess it's great exercise!! Here are some pictures, when I was in Bermejo, and with my new comp!!! 
  So its was way hard to leave from Bermejo.  We left from Bermejo to Tarija.  But there was a huge landslide, So we waited for 3 hours and then they said there is not a way through.  So we went back to Bermejo.  Then at 3 in the morning we made a 6 1/2 hour drive to Yacuiba.  But when we got there I had missed the flight, and they only have one per day that leaves there.  So, they sent me to a little town like an hour and a half away called Villa Montes to work with another elder who he didn't have his comp yet.  Then in the morning I went back to Yacuiba and we waited almost the whole day in the airport.  Then they sent me to Santa Cruz.  Then a member picked me up from the airport and drove me for almost an hour to my new zone!!!!  Absolutely crazy days!!! haha 
  I'm so glad to hear that everyone is doing good, I love you all!!!!! 

New Companion 

Monday, April 6, 2015

Well lets just say that that was the best conference I have ever had!!!! I have never felt so spiritually uplifted!!! The leaders are so guided by the spirit!!! We had three different families attend the conference this last week. They were all there during different sessions.  But it applied perfectly for each one of them!!! Elder Woolf from Arizona, and Elder Tracy from Missouri and I watched it in english and it was great!!!  My Easter package got here on Thursday night.  So we had plenty of snacks during the conference!!!  Thanks so much for that!!!  Thanks for the pictures also, it was great to see how well everyone in the family is doing!!!   And tell Aubrey to stop looking so pretty!!!! 
  Well this last week I went on an exchange with my zone leader Elder Woolf.  It was the best thing ever!!! haha we just had so much fun, but worked so hard!!!   We were so busy that we ran from appointment to appointment!!! (which isn't a problem for him, because he has a scholarship to run for BYU this fall)  But it's not a good idea to run at night here.  There are not many street lights and there are tons of DOGS everywhere!!!  But we were running, and the member with us was following on his motorcycle, and a huge dog came out of no where, and tried biting Elder Woolf in the leg, so he turned around and like scared it or something but he wasn't watching and hit a rock and completely ate it... But he was fine so we kept running and taught the other appointments!!! It was just great!!! 
  It's been a great week here.  I absolutely loved the talk by the guy who talked about dancing, and the families.  And the talk by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland!!!  They were all great!!! love you all!! Give brandon a big hug from me  on Friday!!! 

Monday, March 2, 2015

    Another crazy week here in the mission!!  On Thursday, the zone leaders called me, and said, "You need to be in Tarija in 4 hours, and you will come back tomorrow.  Meet us in the church in 15 minutes..."    So Elder Tracy and I went to Tarija, and my comp stayed in Bermejo.  We had some immagration papers to do, and after we finished we went and slept at the zone leaders house.  We said we were hungry, so we ordered a huge pizza, and it was so amazing!!!!  It was like the size of the mattress I slept on... Then we took the three hour ride back to the heat of Bermejo! 
 The family we are teaching is doing really well, we went to a lesson with them, and we asked the mom if she read, and we asked her what she learned from it.  She practically taught us the lesson! then the members that were with us, taught the other part of the lesson!!! It was so great, we didn't do anything! 
  We are also working with another family that is amazing!! They want to raise their kids in a good environment, and when we talked about families with them, they said they knew it was true.  They're great also!!  love you all!! 

The pizza we ate compared to the mattress I slept on.