Monday, October 19, 2015

Well, we had an absolutely great week here!!!  This week was Stake conference, aand this one was a great conference. The area 70 came, Elder Balderama.  He gave an amazing talk to us, and also President Willard did an amazing job! It was just so great for all the people who were there, and so many people liked it!! 

Everything is going good for me and my comp here. We went to this one area this week, that we have never been to. I felt like we were just walking in the straight jungle, and then we found a street with houses.  So we started to contact them, and it seemed like no one wanted to talk to us at all, then we got to the last house on the street, and we contacted a guy, and his wife, and we taught them a little.  They said they weren't that interested, and that they were from other churches.  But we still taught them and said we would come back. Then Saturday when we went back, and they were very happy to see us.  When we started teaching, the man said he had a lot of questions for us about the pamphlet.  We asked if we could explain it first and then see if still had questions.  So we taught about the restoration.  Afterwards he said he didn't have any questions about it, and he just wanted to know more about the organization of the church. Then we invited him and his wife to be baptized, and they said yes, and they said they felt like they have always been looking for a church like ours, and feel like they finally found it!!! They are just so great, then they went with us to Stake Conference, and they loved it!!! 

The Millares family is doing great, I had some pictures I was going to send of them, but I forgot my camera, so here's a picture of My comp and I when we went bowling.

And the family of MIcaela is doing great, they are just so much happier now!!! They went to Stake Conference, and loved it so much!!! They are just doing so great!!! The Pinto family is doing better, even though they are having some trials.

Thanks so much family for all that you do. I love you tons, and you guys are the best!!! 

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