Monday, June 22, 2015

We had a great last week here.  Yesterday was the dedication of the new church in my area, we will start attending it on July 5. I'm so exacited!!! The stake president gave a talk right before he gave the prayer, and it was by far the best talk I have heard here from someone in the mission!! He just first started talking about how we need to maintain the church, and always keep it clean. Then he related it how we after our personal dedication need to stay clean, and stay dedicated.... and if we have fallen off of the path, how can we stay rededicated! It was just such an amazing talk.  Then after President Willard spent some time talking with me and my comp.  So we got to wish him a Happy Father's Day!! haha 
The sad news is that the sister of the Pinto family, the one with cancer passed away this last week.... and they had all the funeral and stuff there, and all of their family came in from all of Bolivia.... It really hurt them, but they are still staying so strong, it's great!!  The Leon Family are finally getting everything done with there papers. On Thursday they asked us if we could fast with them, so that they won't have any more problems with their papers and that they can finally get baptized.  So yesterday we fasted, and it was such a great experience.  Then a lawyer in our ward offered to help them all day Wednesday to get everything done!!!  It's great!!! 

This is my comps last week in the mission, and he wants to give everything that he's got.   So we are going to work like crazy so we can just have tons of miricles!!! 

Everything is going great here though.  I'm so happy here!   I love you so much dad, and I hope you know that you are the best.  I have yet to meet anyone who works harder than you, and who still makes time for church and his family!!!  Thanks for everything family, love you all so much!!!!! 

Monday, June 15, 2015

So we had a great last week here!!  We had a cool baptism with this kid named Wilfredo!  His whole family are members, he just never got baptized until now!  So it was a really cool week!!! 
So the weather is really messing with us now, the other day it was boiling hot, but now it has gotten super cold.  I feel like I'm freezing here.... It's just like a weird cold that is just full of humidity, and it goes right through all our clothes!!!  And there is always like a weird misty type of rain, so it just makes you soaked all the time.  But the members are so great here.  That when it's even a little cold they invite us for hot milk, and mate.... haha..... 
So the Leon family is doing super great.  They just have absolutely no money, so they are waiting till they can save up enough to get married, and then the wife said she can't wait to get baptized and start to pay tithing so she can receive financial blessings... Haha they are just so great!!! I'm really jealous that dad gets to go golfing so much.  Tell him he can't use my driver though!!!  But it really has been going great here.  I love you guys so much, and I'm grateful for everything!  I hope everyone has a great week!!! 

Monday June 8, 2015

Loving it here in the jungle!!!!  Haha.  So absolutely great week here!!  We had a baptism this last week, with the last daughter of the pinto family!  Yes, the dad got a job, and he is working as a helper now... It's not the best job, but it's something!  They are really doing super good!!! 
Haha so my comp and I have been having a great time here.  We have so many great people, that are getting ready to be baptized!  As soon as the Leon family finishes all of their papers for marriage they will be baptized!! They are so sweet!!  They read more in Book of Mormon than the members!!! 
So the heat came back here, we have literally been burned like everyday in the street.  But it says that it's going to get cold here again this week... that's what winter is like in Bolivia!!  Haha and this week this one super drunk guy told me I need to stop bleaching my skin, and how I need to be more natural..... Haha and then on Sunday we walked passed this one church, and there was really loud music and there was a pastor outside with a microphone and a bunch of kids, and a huge sign that said The Fun Hour With Jesus.... There is just a lot of apostasy in this world.... 
Well I'm so glad that everyone is doing so good.  The BOM journey sounds so great, and I'm sure it's going to turn out great!!!! Tell brandon im proud of him, and that he needs to Invitarle a ser su compaƱera para la proxima mision! 
I love you guys so much, I'm so glad that everyone is having so much fun!  You guys are the best, and the best family ever!!! love you all!!!!!

Monday, June 1, 2015

An awesome week last week here!!!! we have been working like crazy with my comp here. we have a goal that we are going to baptize someone every week of June, my comps last month in the mission, so we really have to work hard!!! 
The Pinto family is going great, but also having trials already... The Tuesday after their baptism the dad lost his job, and they really have like no money.  Then the dads sister died this last week.  So its been really tough for them.  But its ok, because they know that these are just trials to see if they'll stay faithful!  Then, the bishopbric visited them, and are taking care of them now! 
You'll have to send me pictures of the new king benjamin tower!  I'm also really sad to hear that Elder Perry passed away.  He has completed an amazing mission here.   
So it has been raining a whole bunch here.  Like more than ever before.  I don't think I have seen the sun for like five days... It's kind of depressing.  Hahaha.... And it's super hard to walk in mud, because my shoes are just like a muddy mess.... Hahaha.  There were a couple of cars that got stuck that we had to help push out, so its been a crazy week!!! 
Haha I'm so happy to hear that everyone is doing so good.  I love you guys so much.  Thanks for everything!!!