Monday, February 22, 2016

So yes there was elections this week, and we had to stay in the house again, and we couldn't even have church on Sunday! But everything is now back to normal! 

So this week we were getting everything ready for the wedding of the Guzman family, but there were a couple of extended family problems, and they decided to put it off until march... It's just Satan who doesn't want them to get married and baptized, but everything should work out fine soon! 

Also a huge heat wave came in this week, that the temperature got up to 122 degrees... my comp and I were dying... but here whenever it gets really hot it's because a huge storm is coming, and a huge storm came... There was so much wind and rain it was crazy! It felt like how it looks in the movie the testaments when they killed Jesus Christ... It was crazy and lots of trees fell down and lots of fences... but nothing happened to my comp and I! 

Things are going great here.  My comp is the best! He said he knows a lot of Burgos Families! He wants to know from which ward in Cartagena. 

Heres some pics of my comp and I! 

Monday February 15, 2015

Hello Family!
Well it has been a crazy last couple of weeks here in the mission field! So as you know, we had to stay in the house from Sunday until Tuesday.  And it was so boring! But Tuesday night, we heard something outside our house, and we went to see what it was. We saw that it was two people fighting in the street, and then a car drove past and saw them fighting, and saw us standing inside our gate.  The guy stopped the car and started yelling at us, telling us to go and break up the fight.  We told him to call the police and he got super mad, and left his car and ran up to our gate and started yelling.  That's when I smelt a lot of alcohol on his breath, and he said that we were fake and we don't do anything for the people, because we didn't want to break up a fight... great experience...

The bad thing that happened this week was that on Wednesday morning I woke up with a lot of pain in my body, like everywhere just felt sore, and I noticed red dots everywhere on my body.  So I called the nurse and I guess that it was signs of Dengue or Zika... and that I should rest.. My comp and I tried to go teach but I just felt dead.  Then I got a huge fever, and I was just out for two days straight.  I couldn't do anything, and my body just hurt... but now I am better, my bones still hurt, but I don't have any symptoms or anything... 

The Guzman family is doing great the relief society is planning out their wedding, and they should get married on the 26th.  Everything is going great here in the mission, and my companion is the best!  He is crazy like sister Davis, but he is really the best!  Love you all family. I would send pics, but this computer has problems! Love you all!  

Monday January 25, 2015

So first off, a funny story. Our house, has this huge front gate around it the has these really sharp metal spikes on top, and it is always open, because the owners are always home.  Well, a couple of weeks ago, we lost the key. We asked them for a replacement, but they forgot to give us one.  So, turns out of Wednesday night they went on vacation for a couple of days.  When we woke up Thursday, we didn't know.   We went to go running in the morning, but it was all locked up, and we thought they were sleeping so we didn't go running, and we just did exercises in the house.  Well, at like 10:00 we had to leave to go to our meeting in the morning, and it was still locked.  So we knocked on the door, and no one came out, we kept knocking, but it turns out that no one was there.  So we had no other option other than jump the fence.  To be honest it wasn't that hard, kind of scary but it wasn't hard.  But my companion was way scared and he didn't know what to do... so finally he had to try and jump it, and when he did one of the spikes caught his shirt, and it ripped it completely. But we couldn't get back inside, so he had to walk while holding his bag over his chest! Then luckily at night one of the sons didn't go and he made us a copy of the key!!! 

The baptism of the daughter Mendez family went well, she was very happy, and her dad was also. The young women are so much more loving than any other organization, they were so nice to her, and she felt really loved and welcomed after her baptism! The Guzman family is doing great, they are going to get all of there marriage papers ready today, and they are planning on getting baptized soon! They are really so great!!  Also the dad's brother has started coming to church, and he also might get baptized soon!  So we will see how that goes! 

Transfers are this week, and my comp might go. it will be really sad, because he has been one of my best companions! But we will see who my next companion will be!!! 

Thanks for all of your love mom, I love you so much!!! I am so glad to hear that the family is doing so great!