Monday, October 19, 2015

Monday September 21, 2015

So transfers came this week.....  Based on some stuff that my comp has been going through, they are going to let him go to his house, and I am staying here to train again.... Haha crazy I know, I have been in this area a long time, and it looks like I'm going to stay more time. I will get my new comp on Wednesday! 

But this week was great, Mikaela, got baptized, and also Sister Lucy got baptized!!! Sister Lucy is a lady that my comp and I found that we have been teaching for four weeks.  When we first met her she wanted nothing to do with us, but agreed to listen to us, but said she will never get baptized... Then she just had an amazing conversion, and got baptized, and she is just amazing!!! She loves the church and she told us right after that she wants to bare her testimony in church, and she wants all of her family to go to church!!! 

So my comp had a long interview with President this week, and after he called me in just for a second, and we had like one of the most powerful moments ever. He just expressed some very powerful thoughts to me, and he just made me feel so great, he is such an inspired man!!!  He told me I was going to train again, and that my comp was going home.  But my comp will be fine, he just has to work stuff out and he´ll be back!

Also, I just finished reading Jesus the Christ, and let's just say that it is one of the best books I have ever read, so much doctrine, and so many different perspectives!!! 

Well I love you family, thanks for all of the support that you give me!! I love you all!!! 

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