Monday, November 24, 2014

This week has been a good one, but also a really difficult one. It seems no matter how close we get people to getting baptized something, or someone has to delay it. The guy who was really old and was supposed to be baptized, and we talked to his wife about it. But, when we brought the note thing for her to sign to authorize his baptism she says she doesn't know now, and wants to him to know more about the church before he is baptized.. kinda frustrating. We finally prepared him enough that he was ready, and its tough to have this trial now. Last night though, we found these two people by solely following the spirit, and they are amazing.  I believe they will be baptized soon! They were so great!!

The man who has the 14 year old son, couldn't make it to church this week because of money problems and his job, which he might lose.  It's sad because they are really really poor... But the son came by himself and he loves it!  He really wants a white shirt so he can be like the other kids at church, but he doesn't have money. His birthday is tomorrow and I think I'm going to go by him a white shirt, because they are really cheap here, and we have an appointment with them tomorrow!!

It is still extremely hot here, and its just getting hotter and hotter! What I would do to have that snow right now! Hah, this one lady was asking me if it snowed in Utah.  I said "Yes it does, a lot." And she said her dream is to eat snow with milk...Haha

It does rain a ton here.  This morning most of the roads were closed because it rained so badly on Saturday and last night.  It took us over an hour to get to the place that we write! It's crazy here how things are so un- organized.  But it makes me appreciate everything so much more! Thanks for everything. Love you a lot! 

Jacob and the crew from the MTC celebrating 50 years of the church in Bolivia

Monday, November 17, 2014

Well this week has just been a great week here in the mission! Right after I got done emailing you last week, my zone leaders gave me your package. I wanna say thank you so much for sending that! I really needed it. I'm sorry for how much in cost!  But thank you so much for everything! And Elder Peck says thanks for the blueberry mix, cause we made some amazing pancakes,and they were the best things ever!!!  Elder Peck is the one from kamas, and we have the same time in the mission. So this week the district leader wanted to go on a change with my comp for a day, so I went with his companion, who happens to be Elder Peck.  At first we were both nervous cause of our Spanish, and that two white boys in a dangerous area might get robbed. (Even though he is huge) It was in my area, so I was nervous to have to lead my area. But we started going, and had a good first lesson.  Then we went to this guy who I haven't visited before.  And we had a lesson with a man, and his son.  It was an amazing lesson, and they want to be baptised so badly. Then when they went to church, after the final class, the man asked if he could have one of the blessings that they talked about in Elders Quorum, a blessing of health, because he has been sick.  So we explained it all then gave him a blessing.  Then he started crying so much. I really have never felt the spirit more strongly at any other time on my mission. He then told us how his wife left him, and it's just him and his 14 year old son. His son is getting into drugs, and the day before he met us he said he prayed that he could somehow help his son. Then the next day while he was sitting in his hammock listening to music, two people in white shirts asked if they could come back another day and share a message with him!! Then we found a less active family that hadn't been for like 6 years.  They have a daughter and son that aren't baptized.  So we have been teaching them too.  They are progressing really well! It's amazing the little miricles that we have everyday! I know this work is true, and I know that God prepares people! And then guides us to them! Thanks again for everything, Tell everyone thanks for their prayers.  People were right... "Obedience brings blessings, but exact obedience brings miracles."  Because I have never been so obedient in my life, and every day we have miracles! Love you.  Love Jacob

Monday, November 10, 2014

This has been an extremely hot week here in bolivia! and an extremely humid week! I would do anything to have some nice snow, and not have my shirt soaking wet in my own sweat! Haha 
Those baptisms that we were suppose to have; we put them off some more because we don't feel like they are completely prepared! I hate having to put them off, but when its salvation on the line, you gotta be ready! Haha So, that old man I told you about, has had a problem with his arm for like the past year. We told him about the priesthood, and how it could heal people. He asked if we could heal him, and if he could have a blessing for his arm.  We gave him a blessing, after explaining that it would only heal based on the faith that he has! Well, when we went back it had regained a lot of its strength, yesterday he could move a lot of it! It's amazing the power of faith and the priesthood!  The spirit was so strong there.  Now he is sharing with everyone about that miricle! 
We had a zone conference this week also, and the president is just the most amazing person I have met.  He really is a servant of the lord!  He always knows what to say, and he is just great!! Well, everything is going good here, love you!!
love Elder Beals

Monday, November 3, 2014

Things are going great here, we are busy as can be, like always.   If everything goes as planned we should have two baptisms this week, which should be great!!  One guy is kind of old, but he loves the church so much. He loves going there, and he loves the people!  His prayers are really simple.  I always loves when he prays, because he always says thank you for the elders his best friends, and thank you for the church! Since we met him, about four weeks ago, he has attended every week.  We really hope that he can have his baptism this week! 
The guy who wanted to take the sacrament did come to church, and he said he really, really liked it.  He just needs to pray, and receive an answer! 
The rainy season has official started.  It has been raining almost everyday.  Which is good, because it's a lot more cooler!  But we were talking to this one priest at church, and he said at about the end of december we are gonna need boats to get around.. Haha I guess it just rains a whole bunch, and non stop! 
This morning there was a moth in our house, and it was probably the size of both of my hands put together!! Biggest thing ever!! We spent like the whole morning trying to get it out.  It was like a bird, and wouldn't leave!! 
everything is going good here.  Thanks for everything, love you!!
Love Elder Beals!