Monday, October 19, 2015

Monday October 12, 2015

So this was a good week here!!! Sister Lucy is just the best ever!!! She loves us so much, and she loves the gospel too!!! She always wants to invite us over for pizza, and she has introduced us to all of her family, and all of her friends, and tells us that we need to baptize them!!! Haha she is really the best!!! So we went and visited the Leon family, and they said they really want to be baptized still, but the problem is she can't take out a new I.D because she doesn't have correct papers, and she can't get correct papers cause she doesn't have an I.D... So they feel like they will never be able to figure it out... 

My comp is doing a lot better now though, he´s not complaining of all the work as much!!! haha, but no, we are working really hard even though he doesn't like it, and we are just going crazy contacting and teaching, trying to teach as many people as possible!!! 

That's so great to hear that the family is doing so great, you guys just seem so happy, and that life is just loaded with fun activities, and just so much joy!!! I guess that what the gospel is!!! That's the kind of joy I just wish everyone could have!!! Every time we visit the Millares family it's just so full of love and happiness, and I know it's because they now have the gospel in their lives!!! They are just so happy and Brother Juan Luis should get the priesthood on Sunday so that will be great for him!! 

Well I love you family, thanks for all the love you guys have!!! 

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