Monday, February 23, 2015

  Well carnival this last week was kind of a bust!! It was supposed to be all crazy, and wild in the streets, but like nothing happened here.... I guess it was crazy in Santa Cruz, but not here like... they just throw water ballons at everyone, so the zone leaders, my companion and and I bought water ballons, and we spent like half of the day throwing them at people walking by!! Hahaha 
  That wasn't me who posted on Instagram. I think it was Reed i think, because I sent the picture to him! 
  Wow, lets just say that these last couple of weeks have been absolutely amazing!! My comp and I made a decision that we will not teach any more lessons unless we have a member there.  It has been really hard to always have a member at first, but then we started seeing miracles.  I wanna tell you about the family we started teaching!! 
   So we were looking for a reference, and we couldn't find it because the address said, "street with a lot of trees, and a wooden door"... so we went up to some people and asked them if they knew the family and they said no, that they just barely bought that house that day, and were about to move in.  So we asked them if they needed help.  She seemed really surprised, and asked if we were serious. we said "yes."  She was so happy, and asked if we could come back in like an hour to help.  So we left for another visit, and then came back an hour later.  We helped them move and it was only us, the husband, the wife and their 5 year old son.  After we helped them we sat down with them to have some soda (of course) and then we asked if we could sing a hymn, and come back another day to teach.  They said "sure."  So we sang families can be together forever.  Then she asked if she could share with us what happened that morning.  She said that they got married at the end of December, and were looking for a new house because they had to move out that night. But she didn't know what to do, so she decided to pray for the first time in a while to ask for help.  Like 2 hours after he prayer her husband called and said that he found a house, and they could move in that night.  So they went there and were looking at the house, and were ready to move in, but they didnt have any help.  Most of their family lives in Tarija, and all the husbands friends weren't answering... So she went in the house and decided to pray again to ask for help, then after her prayer she went outside and we walked up to her, asking for the other family, and then if we could help! She was so surprised that her prayer was answered so fast, and said we were angels sent to help her!  Then we went back this last week and taught them.  Now they have a baptism date, and they went to all of church yesterday, and absolutely loved it!!  They are just so great!! It just shows that the Lord really does prepare people!! 
  Thanks for the update, I'm so glad to hear everyone is doing so good!! 
 love you all 
  Elder Beals 

Monday, February 9, 2015

Wow this week has just absolutely flown by!! We had a zone confrence this last week with the president.  We had to take the three hour ride to Tarija.  And lets just say I hate that drive!!!  It's through nothing but mountains. The guy driving was absolutely crazy!!!  We left at six in the morning so we could get there on time.  About half way through the ride, everyone in the car found out what I had for breakfast........... yuck!!! hahaha
  But this week has been really good.  In the middle of the conference the president asked me to come up and talk about how we really are born again when we are baptized, and when we partake of the sacrament.  After that he shared some experiences with us, and wow it was just so spiritual!!!  On Sunday the speakers for church didn't show up.  So in the meeting the Branch President got up and asked if I could come up and give a talk about La Obra Missional!!  It was great!!! 
  So this next week they are going to start something called Carnival here in Bolivia.  From Saturday night till like Friday we can't leave our houses.  So next Monday I will not be writing home... and maybe not the next week, we are not completely sure.  So don't worry next week when you don't get a letter home!! 
  But we should have a baptism Saturday night, before we get locked up.  Its a guy who is amazing!!! He was married two days ago, and his wife was less active for a long time.  But they are both attending and he should be baptized in a week!! 
  Everything is just going so great here.  Thanks for all the support.  Don't worry about me though, I am being exactly obedient.  So I am proteccted from anything!!! Love you all!! 
Love Elder Beals 

Monday, February 2, 2015

Well I hit the 6 month mark, and it was on Dad's birthday!!! Haha I completely forgot to wish him Happy Birthday last week. Sorry!! 
  Let's just say that this has been a crazy week.  My comp got transfered, on Tuesday.  We woke up at 3:30 Tuesday morning, and drove three hours to Tarija, then took a plane to Yaciba, then to Santa Cruz, then drove like an hour and a half to a church where they were having the leaders meeting.  After the meeting I got my new comp.  I left with the zone leaders and my new comp and we drove back to the airport, took a plane back to Tarija, then drove another three hours to Bermejo...... such a long day!!! 
  My new comp is from La Paz, and we have been working so hard!!! We know like nothing about our area, and it's really hard to find people because there are no street names!!! But it's ok.  We are just following the spirit 100 percent!! we have really great people, and they have been so loving.  It's the best!! 
  There was like a huge heat wave here this last week, and never in my whole life have I felt that hot.  It was the worst.  My shirt was so wet, that you would think I dumped a bucket of water on my head!!  But I hear it should start to cool off soon!! 
  Love you guys all, glad to hear you are all working hard and having fun!!! 

Monday January 26, 2013

Well let's just say that every day I am just more and more happy with this area!! The people here have such a desire to help the branch grow it's amazing!! The members call us and ask if they can join us for lessons, and the investigators call and confirm with us the appointments!! It's just so, so great!! 
This last Tuesday was like Christmas for me.  Because my package came!!  My zone leaders knew I was waiting for it.  So on Tuesday night after my comp and I finished planning they put a candle on my package and came in singing Happy Birthday, then half way through, changed it to Merry Christmas!!  My zone leader from Arizona can't believe how much candy I got, and my other zone leader from Argentina stayed up forever trying to figure out the candy with the scripture, because he doesn't speak English he said he didn't understand it!! But really thank you so much.  That really lifted my spirits, and it was the best ever!!!!! 
The work here is going really great.  My comp and I set a goal to be more exactly obedient.  We have just seen miracles everywhere!  Families are just coming out of nowhere!!!  Our new branch president is working so hard to help us, and our new mission leader also!!  They have such a desire to serve the lord it's great!!  We have been planning all kinds of activities and everyone is bringing there friends, and introducing them to us!!  I know I was called to serve in this area, and I have such a love for the people here!!!  We are going to see the fruits of a lot of labor!! 
Thanks for everything, I wish I could write more.  But we have to get stuff ready because the zone leaders have to leave for two days this week for a conference.  So we all feel pretty rushed. But I love you all so much.  Keep killing it over there in Chile Brandon.  Tell Bryson that he better be a millionaire by the time I get back, tell Jeff to keep his head up, and tell Aubrey I love her!!
Elder Beals