Monday, October 19, 2015

Monday October 5, 2015

So, Lets just say that conference was the best!!!! I absolutely loved it, all of it!!! The speakers were so inspired, and the new apostles are so great!!!! They are going to serve so well in their new callings!!!  So in conference, I think my favorite talk was the first one by President Uchtdorf!! Where he asked people to step back and simplify their lives in the gospel!!! Out here, teaching people, I feel like that is a huge obstacle for people, that they look at the gospel like it is so hard, or one thing that they don't understand perfectly, and they distance themselves from the gospel. Just like president Uchtdorf said, That the gospel is so easy, a child can understand, but also so profound and complex that it takes a lifetime to really grasp it! 

I just really loved it, and I am so excited to put in practice all of the promises, and challenges that they made. 

So everything has been going great, Sister Lucy our convert is just the best, and she always wants to invite people to hear us, it's the best!!! She also made us pizza the other day, and it was so good, but my comp doesn't like pizza, so I had to eat all of his... haha also the Millares family is doing great!!!  They talk about their temple sealing every time we go over there, and they are so excited to get sealed in a year!! 

My comp is also doing good, He is not used to waking up early, and also he doesn't like walking everywhere, but he is doing really good, and we are getting along great!!!! 

I'm so happy to hear how good you guys are doing, I love you Family so much, and thanks for all the support!! And mom I was thinking about you during all of Elder Hollands talk, and President Nelsons!!!! Love you mom!!! 

Coming home from the Priesthood Session

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