Monday, October 19, 2015

Monday September 7, 2015

So this was just great!!! The Millares family did get baptized and it was just great!!! They are so happy!! When they met Elder Strong for their baptism interview, Elder Strong asked them what their purpose of getting baptized is, and they said that their goal is to be baptized and in a year go to the temple to finally be sealed for eternity!! It made me so happy to know that I get to be part of helping them become an eternal family!!! 

The little girl Micaela who was supposed to be baptized a couple weeks ago has been really sick lately, she was actually in the hospital for these last three weeks, that's why she never got baptized... Saturday she finally got out of the hospital and Sunday, she was in church with all of her family. After sacrament her dad pulled me aside, and he wanted to talk a little with me. He expressed to me that he has never felt loved by the church, even though he has been member since he was eight.. He said he has always just gone in and out of activity in the church because he feels like people just look down on him... Then he thanked me cause he said that he felt like I was a missionary that actually cared about him and his family, and that we have been helping them have the motivation to go back to church. They are just such a great family.  We are going to start doing family home evenings with them a lot more.  So that they make the habit of it! 

My comp is doing great. Tonight we have to go to the dentist, and they are going to do some work on him.  So I guess we will see how that goes! 

I'm so glad to hear that BYU beat Nebraska. That's the best story ever!!! They must be doing so great!!! I 'm excited to watch them play next year! Tell everyone I love them and tell them all thanks for the prayers!  I love you mom, thanks for everything you do! 

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