Thursday, October 30, 2014

Monday October 27, 2014

Things are going great here in the mission! Other than the heat... I'm dying here.  But it is just starting the rainy season.  So it has started raining almost every day.. Which I dont mind it while it is raining, because it cools me down, and feels really nice.  But after the rain it is the absolute worst thing ever!  Everything becomes so muddy because it is like all dirt roads.   Then the humidity hits.. and it is so hot, and i cant do anything with out drippping in sweat! It's awful. 

But our investigators are progressing really well, we should for sure have a baptism this next Saturday.  And maybe even more the Saturday after that!  The couple that was supposed to get married moved in with their mom, and ore no longer in our area.  Which is really sad because they were progressing really well.  But it's okay because we found three new investigators that day.  And the missionaries in that area will be recieving some great people! 

My district leader got transferred this last week, and now he is a zone in leader in a different area.  I'm really sad, because he was way cool, and he helped me out a lot!  But  it's ok, because we got some more awesome people in our zone this transfer! 

We are going to go play wally ball for p-day today. So I'm pretty excited about that. It's a lot easier than soccer and bowling! Haha.   We taught a bunch of people this week with members present, and it was awesome.  Every member we asked to come with us did.  The lessons are so much better with a member! They make huge sacrifices to come.  I know that the Lord will bless them for doing missionary work! 

My companion is a great guy.  His whole family is members, he was born in the church, him and his older sister. He gradutated from college, and he is 25, He wasn't going to go on a mission but then he decided to.  He's been out for 10 months, and this is his second area.  His first was the part of Brazil, and he had to learn Portuguese, so he speaks that fluently.  We are slowly working on his English, and its getting better everyday.

Everything is going good here, thanks for everything, love you guys!  

Elder beals!

Monday October 20, 2014

Things are going great here in Bolivia! My Spanish is actually coming along really well, not as well as I hoped, because I just wanna be fluent right now.  But it is really teaching me a lot about patience... haha.  We didn't have the baptisms.  We were preparing a couple to get married first because they were living together, but they  got in an arguement, and put off their wedding, and are still living together.  So we have to wait for them to get married. Also our other golden investigator is having a hard time with one of the commitments.  So we decided to give him more time, till he is ready. It was a hard decision to put it off, but we wanna make sure that all of them are ready before we have them make their first covenant with God!
It has just been getting hotter and hotter ever day, and it is killing me!!   But i guess it cools down a little after December, so I just have to endure it till then! It's crazy that this week finishes up my first transfer!  It seriously feels like yesterday that I left!  Time really does fly out here! 

I'm so glad to hear that everyone is doing so well at home.  All day Wednesday I was thinking about Bear, and how much I miss him! Haha so we found two families this last week.  One of them Friday, and one last night. They are both amazing, and we had great lessons with them.  We just need to get them to church this next week!  That's our biggest struggle here, is getting people to come to church.  Because no one wants to take the bus for 50 minutes... But trust in the Lord and he can change their hearts! }
Im so glad to hear that you guys are working so hard.  Because you are doing the exact same thing that I am doing.... Haha it's tough walking everywhere every day, and I would do anything for a car.  But it makes me appreciate everything so much more! 
love ya! love Elder Beals

Monday October 13, 2014

This week has been kinda slow to be honest.  Other than fireworks every second, election day was pretty boring. Except I had to stay the night at another set of elders house.  It was so nice to finally speak English!! Hahaha One of the elders is from Alpine, and he has been out for about a year now.  He was way cool, and it was sweet to just sit back and tell stories about Utah!  I got some amazing studying done because we had all day to study!!! Hahaha I found this scripture in helaman 12:14 that has really made me think.
The one problem with Bolivia, is that the Chips Ahoys do not taste the same!!!  I bought a whole bunch and I was so excited to eat them, but they taste different.. Haha I will adjust hopefully in these next two years.  But I'm expecting a big glass of milk, and a whole package of Chips Ahoys at the airport in 21 months!! Isn't it crazy to think that's all the time I have left?.. It still feels like yesterday we were sitting at home in the front room with dad making fun of De Leon for something, and Bryson telling us his new way that he is going to become rich!!  Love you!! Thanks for everything!

Monday October 6, 2014

Let's just say that this week was like Christmas for me!  Conference was absolutley amazing, and the talks were so inspiring. They make me wanna be a better person!  When I walked into the first session Saturday morning my zone leader gave me a package!! It was the one you sent, and it was so great to have conference with candy, and in english! It felt like I was back home! 
It is elecion week here, next Sunday they vote for a new president.. So things are getting a little crazy here! Don't worry, I'm not saying anything about politics.  When people bring it up I quickly change the subject. I mean I couldn't really talk politics if I wanted, because my vocabulary is not broad enough for that! 
I saw a tucan this week, adding that to another more of the sweet animals I've seen here!  I have seen more stuff in these last four weeks than I think I saw all last year! 
Our investigators are slowly progressing.  We teach a lot of people a day, and we can get everyone to agree to our commitments, but they have a hard time keeping their commitments... We just have to trust in the Lord and His timing!  It was so great that we got this one guy to come with us to the second session of conference on Sunday.  Thats was where Bednar gave his amazing talk, especially for investigators!!  It was just great!!  But everything is going good here, Thanks for the package!! love ya! 
Love Elder Beals

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Monday September 29, 2014

Let's just say that the bolivia life is crazy!  There was a lizard that I'm pretty sure was at least two feet long in our house, along with like 3 other smaller ones!  Then we were teaching a lesson, and a huge tarantula came and walked like 2 feet from me!  It was like the size of my hand!  A major heat wave came in this week.  It has been even hotter than it was when I first got here.  I didn't know that was possible!  At the end of the day I could take off my shirt and sqeeze like a gallon of sweat out... gross!  I saw a monkey for the first time, so that was pretty sweet!  It was small and crazy.  I wanted to catch it and take it home!
Our shower has these like sketchy wires that go to the shower head that are suppose to heat the shower, which it doesn't really heat it. It just makes it so its not freezing cold.  Well, they sparked and stopped working this week.  So good thing dad taught me how to strip and rewire.  Because that's what I spent my morning doing!  For breakfast I make myself a fruit shake, and it's the best!  I can't wait till the mangos in our front yard from our tree are ready, so I can make a mango shake!
Investigators are going great.  We have three people we should baptize this next Saturday.  I have yet to teach a lesson where someone hasn't said something about how tall I am!  I'm a giant here. It's a good thing I played so much fifa before I came.  Because that is a great way to start a convo with someone!  The mission is going great, thanks for everything, love you!

Monday September 22, 2014

This week has been kinda diffucult, and crazy at the same time! People were right when they said the time would fly by because I can barely remember what happened! On thursday it rained like all day, so that Mr Mac jacket you got me; I took out the inside layer, and the outside layer works like a champ! But, because it rained so much, the streets turn into rivers!  All the water just goes into the middle, and you have to fight your way through a foot of water to walk... Our front yard was just a big mess!  But, we had some of the best lessons in that day, so I can't complain! 
My comp is great! We're still getting along well! 

I don't think it's that hard to sleep at night, because I'm so tired.  As soon as my head hits the pillow I am out! I know that I fall asleep so fast because we have been working hard that day! Or because we just played a lot of soccer...  we do that a ton down here!!  Every chance we get, we play!  The people love to play with us, and my comp loves playing!  The only problem is I'm always starving afterwards, and we never have dinner!!! I wish I could just order some Taco Bell.  Hahaha.  But I guess they don't have it down here! 

It's really hard seeing the dogs here... I feel so bad for them! 

I"m so happy for Brandon and Tyler.  That is so absolutely amazing.  They are going to kill it out in the field!! Tell them im proud of them! Thanks for everything. Love you!!!
love Elder Beals

Jacob's house in Suarez Bolivia

Jacob's house when it rains and floods

Suarez Bolivia

Lizards all over the house