Monday, May 25, 2015

Well the Baptism of the pinto family went great!!  They were so happy and content!!!! Their wedding went great also!! Even though this Elder, who we called to go fill up the font at 5:30 for us, forgot, and got there at 6:00 to start filling it up.  But the people who baptized before us never drained the font, so it was super dirty and full of water so they had to let it drain and then clean it out.  When we got there, they were still filling it up.  We had to stall a lot.  Then, when the daughters and the mom were changing into their baptism clothes, they gave us the wrong ones, so they didn't fit into the clothes, so we had to create a make-fit shirt, and the extra pants... haha but everything ended up going well!! 
But this week was crazy.  These last couple of days it has been raining a lot, and the people here really don't want to listen to us when it is raining.... 
My comp and I have been working hard to find new people, But everything is going great here.  I love all of you.   And I'm glad everyone is doing so well!!  Love you all! 

Monday May 18, 2015

So an absolutely awesome week here!!!!!!! My comp and I have been working como locos here!!!!!  We are just loaded with people to teach.  We have seen so many miricles!!!!  We found this new family that has always wanted to be part of the church, because they liked the things it taught.  But they never had the nerve to go to the church!!!  Then we found them, and on Sunday they attended church!!!  Also, the whole pinto family was at church, and another great family!!!!  It was so amazing!!!!!!!   The Pinto family has everything ready, this Saturday they are going to get married at 11 and baptized at 7!!!!  It's awesome!!!
We also went to a place last thursday that is like a huge park, that's just straight jungle, I saw an emu and a crocodile!!!  Hahaha.  The other picture is with Elder Langford, he is from Beaver.  He is really good friends with Houstan Oldroyd's family!  He says he was always spending time with them! Hahaha, who is the girl who's coming here?  Do you know her last name??? 

I'm so proud that aubrey got her blessing!!!! I absolutely love my blessing.  I read it almost everyday, and I always, always find new  stuff in it!!!!  It inpsrires me to be better, because I have so many blessing that I have to complete!!!  Like Elder Godoy said in his conference talk"Are you living your life in a way that you can complete the promises in your Patriartical Blessing?"  That talk insprired me so much to try to be better, and to strive to complete those things!!!!   I heard about the payson temple, I heard it's way beautiful! 

I would just like to tell you guys how grateful I am, I am so blessed to have parents like you guys, and I am so grateful for all the things you guys did to help me stay on the straight and narrow path. even if I did make your hairs turn more gray, I am really grateful! thanks for everything, I love you guys so much!!!!

Monday, May 11, 2015

This was a great week here!!! The Pinto family had another miracle to help them keep going!!!! Their daughter who is 18 and has two kids didn't want anything to do with them, and like four months ago ran away.  They had no contact with her, and were all really sad.  During a lesson, two weeks ago, the mom started crying and said she just wanted her daughter to come home.  So, my comp and I gave her a blessing of comfort.  She was really happy with it! Then Saturday night the daughter came home.  She said she was sorry and said she was just having troubles.  So we had a really great lesson with them.  At the end we all knelt down and ended with a prayer.  After the prayer when we were leaving the mom called me and my comp over and said  "Thank you so much. For the first time in my life I have my whole family together kneeling in prayer!"  I just felt so happy for them. I know that their daughter came back because they are starting to live the commandments!!!!! 
 Our converts are doing really well, she should get a calling next week.  She is probably going to teach in primary So that should be great!!!! 
 It was so great to see you all yesterday!!! I love all of you guys so much!!!! I'm so proud of my eternal family that I have!!!! I am so grateful for your prayers!!! love you all!!! 

Riding in the back of the Bishops truck.

Cooking at the Bishops on Mother's Day

Monday April 27, 2015

Hello MOM and DAD!! What an amazing week I had this last week!! I always put Miricles as my topic, because we always have so many miricles!!! I sent you pics of the baptism we had this last week!!! The sister in the picture is someone who has attended church for like the last two months but was never baptized because she always worked on Sundays and has always left church early.  One day after church she came up to us and said! "Elders, I felt the spirt and I know that this church is true, i want to be baptized as soon as possible!!!"  Then then she quit her job, and started attending all the hours!!!  It was great for her and her sister to be baptized... her parents can't yet, because they are not yet married, but they are preparing to get married soon!! The problem is it just cost like 70 dollars to get married and that's a lot of money here. So no one has or wants to pay that money... We are teaching so people who have been living together for 21 years and have 5 kids, and aren't married.... But when people understand the gospel they get married fast! 
  the other pic is of a backyard Sunday BBQ that we had!! He is our elders quorm president, and he is way awesome!!! haha even though we were cooking on a pile of bricks it made me really miss the Sunday family dinners that we used to have!! hahaha 
  We also had Stake Conference this last week, and it was great.  The church was so full though that we didn't really get to watch much of conference but I still heard a little bit of it!!! 
 We need to plan out what time im going to Skype this next Sunday! I know time is flying.  It feels like last week I was Skyping!!!  Thanks for everything, I love you all!!!!! 

Our awesome Elders Quorum President cooking

Two amazing sisters before their baptism

Younger sister of the two girls who were just baptized

My first District Leader in the mission field.  Elder Rogers from Utah