Monday, May 11, 2015

Monday April 27, 2015

Hello MOM and DAD!! What an amazing week I had this last week!! I always put Miricles as my topic, because we always have so many miricles!!! I sent you pics of the baptism we had this last week!!! The sister in the picture is someone who has attended church for like the last two months but was never baptized because she always worked on Sundays and has always left church early.  One day after church she came up to us and said! "Elders, I felt the spirt and I know that this church is true, i want to be baptized as soon as possible!!!"  Then then she quit her job, and started attending all the hours!!!  It was great for her and her sister to be baptized... her parents can't yet, because they are not yet married, but they are preparing to get married soon!! The problem is it just cost like 70 dollars to get married and that's a lot of money here. So no one has or wants to pay that money... We are teaching so people who have been living together for 21 years and have 5 kids, and aren't married.... But when people understand the gospel they get married fast! 
  the other pic is of a backyard Sunday BBQ that we had!! He is our elders quorm president, and he is way awesome!!! haha even though we were cooking on a pile of bricks it made me really miss the Sunday family dinners that we used to have!! hahaha 
  We also had Stake Conference this last week, and it was great.  The church was so full though that we didn't really get to watch much of conference but I still heard a little bit of it!!! 
 We need to plan out what time im going to Skype this next Sunday! I know time is flying.  It feels like last week I was Skyping!!!  Thanks for everything, I love you all!!!!! 

Our awesome Elders Quorum President cooking

Two amazing sisters before their baptism

Younger sister of the two girls who were just baptized

My first District Leader in the mission field.  Elder Rogers from Utah

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