Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Monday August 31, 2015

  So this was one of the craziest, but also one of the best weeks I have had. My comp has needed to go to the hospital a lot, like everyday.  Then we had to go to the dentist because of his tooth.
  On Wednesday we also had a conference with President which was great.  After that I got to go on an exchange with Elder Strong, one of my best friends from the MTC, and it was the best!! 
  Then Sunday was great, but also way crazy!! So my comp and I had 13 investigatores in church, which was super great.  The Millares family should be baptized this next week, but then the last hour was way crazy, and I'll have to tell you guys when I get back!  But after that we had to try to solve everything, and sorry I don't have many pictures to send, my camera got a virus, so I dont have pictures now.... Oh well!! 
  Well just wanted to say I love and miss all of you guys!! I'm glad to hear that everyone is working so hard, and that everyone is doing so good!! I love you all!!! 

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