Monday, March 2, 2015

    Another crazy week here in the mission!!  On Thursday, the zone leaders called me, and said, "You need to be in Tarija in 4 hours, and you will come back tomorrow.  Meet us in the church in 15 minutes..."    So Elder Tracy and I went to Tarija, and my comp stayed in Bermejo.  We had some immagration papers to do, and after we finished we went and slept at the zone leaders house.  We said we were hungry, so we ordered a huge pizza, and it was so amazing!!!!  It was like the size of the mattress I slept on... Then we took the three hour ride back to the heat of Bermejo! 
 The family we are teaching is doing really well, we went to a lesson with them, and we asked the mom if she read, and we asked her what she learned from it.  She practically taught us the lesson! then the members that were with us, taught the other part of the lesson!!! It was so great, we didn't do anything! 
  We are also working with another family that is amazing!! They want to raise their kids in a good environment, and when we talked about families with them, they said they knew it was true.  They're great also!!  love you all!! 

The pizza we ate compared to the mattress I slept on.