Monday, October 19, 2015

Monday September 14, 2015

Well If you can't tell by my picture, this was an amazing week!!! We had a conference this week with Elder Uceda, from the 70, and let's just say that it was the best and most powerful conference I have ever attended!!! It was also the first time in the mission that I have had a general authority visit us! 

So this was really a great week. Elder Uceda invited us to do a lot of things to be better missionaries.  There are so many things that I need to do to be better!!! He also made us a lot of promises.  It is easy to tell that he is a man with power and authority from God.  But at the same time he was so humble.  It was just great!!! 

Mikaela has been doing a lot better.  If her health stays good she should be baptized this week, along with Sister Lucy that we are teaching. The Leon family is getting kind of disappointed, and so it's getting hard for them. I really hope they can have a miracle to help them with their papers. 

This week was kind of hard for us to work. We had to go to the dentist twice, and the clinic once... My comp just keeps having medical problems, so we are always just going back and forth to downtown. I guess we will see what happens this next week during transfers... I really don't want to leave this area, because I love it so much, and the ward too! But I have also been here for almost 6 months, so who knows... 

When Elder Uceda was here he also invited all the Latinos to learn English, and for all the white people to get better at Spanish.  So that has been my goal. I am studying Spanish a lot more, to perfect it, and also my companion and I are speaking a lot of English, so he can learn it better!!! 

Well thats all for this week, I love you guys so much, and mom please tell Jeff  Happy Birthday from me!!! 

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