Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Monday August 17, 2015

 Awesome week here!!!! So lets just say it was amazing this week!!!! My comp and I have been needing to find more people to teach.  So we decided thats all we were going to do!!!  So we just started going all over the place looking for new people.  We found like seven new families, that accepted us, that we are starting to teach!!! 

  It has been cold here this week, and when its cold it's a lot easier to find people in their houses, so that's what we did!!! We just were so blessed to find them, and I feel like so many of them are going to progress!!!! 

  Things are really going great here, Familia pinto are doing great, and the Leon Family had some trials this week, but they are still getting ready to be baptized!! I feel so bad for them, because they are always in church, and always talk about how excited they are for baptism, they just have to keep waiting!! 

   The truth is that everything is just going great, I love and miss you all!!!! You guys are the best!!! 

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