Monday, October 19, 2015

Monday September 28, 2015

Hello Family!!!! 

So I got my new comp!!! HIs name is Elder Mori, and he is from Peru!!! He is way awesome, and way tiny!!! I feel like he is like my little 14 year old brother. Just because he is so new!!! Haha 

My comp and I get a long great though. He is completely new, and training him is a lot harder than it was with Elder Carrasco.. He doesn't have medical problems or anything like that, he just has never read the scriptures before his mission, and it's not as easy for him to teach.  But he is still way great, and he is way funny!!!! 

Everything in the mission is going great!!! We have had like a bunch of miracles just in this last week.  We are going to start finding a lot of new people in this area! (even though I am sure I have contacted every house here) The members this last Sunday told me I should buy a lot here just because I have been in this ward for so much time!!! Haha but its ok, because I love this ward, and I love working with the people in it!!! 

We had a trainers meeting right before we got our comps, and it was amazing!!! President is just so loving, and does such a good job of teaching us!!! 

Mikaela and her family are doing great, and they are all so excited to be going to church, and they love my new comp, because they have family who lives in Peru! The Leon family are going through a lot of trials lately... they had a funeral two Sundays ago, so they couldn't go to church, and then his sister was in the hospital so they couldn't go again... they are a little sad because they think they will never be able to fix their papers. But, last night we visited them, and they are almost into Alma in the book of mormon! So that's good!!! 

The mission really is going great, I'm really excited for this week, and the chance to hear so much revelation from the prophet, and the new apostles, I think it is an historic moment!!! 

Well I love you all, Dad I'm proud of the goal you have!!! I have started reading Doctrine and Covenants, and lets just say that that is very powerful!!! Love you all family, and I'm glad to hear you are all doing so good!!! 

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