Monday, July 20, 2015

It was a great week here!!! So I had my birthday on Wednesday.  We also had a zone conference that day.  After we got done some members invited us over for cake, and they sang for me, it was awesome!!!!  Then we went and bought some burritos at this one super yummy place!!! Then I made sure to buy some snickers in the super market, (even though they are kind of exspensive) to celebrate a little!!! Haha my next birthday I will either be home, or on the plane ride home, so we can celebrate together!!!! 

But even though my comp has been having really bad teeth aching problems, we have been working super good this last week!!! We had some amazing lessons, and we are learning so much together!!! But we also had a great experience this last week!  When we went to lunch, we got there and the husband was not there.  So we told the wife that we can't go in, and we will just wait outside till he gets there.  She kept saying that it doesn't matter, and it's ok, we can come in.  But we told her that we really couldn't.  Then like Two minutes later a man came walking by and said hi to us.  He told us that he was a member from another area but he was passing by to visit his sister. Then he told us how his sister was not a member, and asked if we could join him to go meet her.  So we went, and met a very nice couple, and they seem really interested about learning more!!!!  It was great, because if we would have gone inside to wait we would have missed that man, and we wouldnt have been obedient! 

Well thanks for everything.  I love you guys so much!!! I hope everyone is doing great!!!! love you all!

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