Monday, April 20, 2015

So we had an absolutely awesome crazy week here!!  In my area they barely ever have lessons with members. But when I got here I really wanted to change that!  So my comp and I have been trying so hard to always have members and it's been so crazy!!!  We've seen miracles!!! So we are like breaking records of lessons with members!!!  But we have this one family who the dad and his daughter were happy to hear us and went to the church last week.  But then Sunday morning we went to pick them up for church and his wife went also!!!!  And then we had other families at church also, it was so great!!!! Church is like 35 minutes away but they are going to finish a church in like 3 weeks in my area!! 
I love it here, we are finding so many great people like every week, and the people are so prepared here!!!! It's so good to hear that you guys are doing so good! I am so glad to see how well everyone is doing!!! The basement looks so nice!!! haha 
It was my comps birthday last Thursday and we went to the house of a member cause they wanted to make him food, and we ate some yummy empanadas!!! Hahaha well I really don't have much time, but I love all of you guys!! Thanks for everything!!! 

Monday, April 13, 2015

Wow, for the first time I'm not putting Brandon's name in my email list!!! It's so weird!!! Well if you can't read from my subject line, I got transferred.... And I'm actually really sad about it, because we were working so hard with the families there, and the members were so great!!!! But it's ok, because my new area is awesome!!!! 
  So my new companion is from argentina!! haha and we live in a sweet house.  We live with two other elders... One of which is my trainer!!! haha its funnty the I live with him again!!!! Haha but our house is way nice, I feel like I am living in the states.... It's crazy!!!  I get along with my comp way well, he is sweet, and way awesome!!! 
  So we have this one family who is amazing here!!! The only problem is that my area here is huge, and they live at the farthest most part of the area, and we have to take a bus to get home every night.  So we are always sprinting home!!! But I guess it's great exercise!! Here are some pictures, when I was in Bermejo, and with my new comp!!! 
  So its was way hard to leave from Bermejo.  We left from Bermejo to Tarija.  But there was a huge landslide, So we waited for 3 hours and then they said there is not a way through.  So we went back to Bermejo.  Then at 3 in the morning we made a 6 1/2 hour drive to Yacuiba.  But when we got there I had missed the flight, and they only have one per day that leaves there.  So, they sent me to a little town like an hour and a half away called Villa Montes to work with another elder who he didn't have his comp yet.  Then in the morning I went back to Yacuiba and we waited almost the whole day in the airport.  Then they sent me to Santa Cruz.  Then a member picked me up from the airport and drove me for almost an hour to my new zone!!!!  Absolutely crazy days!!! haha 
  I'm so glad to hear that everyone is doing good, I love you all!!!!! 

New Companion 

Monday, April 6, 2015

Well lets just say that that was the best conference I have ever had!!!! I have never felt so spiritually uplifted!!! The leaders are so guided by the spirit!!! We had three different families attend the conference this last week. They were all there during different sessions.  But it applied perfectly for each one of them!!! Elder Woolf from Arizona, and Elder Tracy from Missouri and I watched it in english and it was great!!!  My Easter package got here on Thursday night.  So we had plenty of snacks during the conference!!!  Thanks so much for that!!!  Thanks for the pictures also, it was great to see how well everyone in the family is doing!!!   And tell Aubrey to stop looking so pretty!!!! 
  Well this last week I went on an exchange with my zone leader Elder Woolf.  It was the best thing ever!!! haha we just had so much fun, but worked so hard!!!   We were so busy that we ran from appointment to appointment!!! (which isn't a problem for him, because he has a scholarship to run for BYU this fall)  But it's not a good idea to run at night here.  There are not many street lights and there are tons of DOGS everywhere!!!  But we were running, and the member with us was following on his motorcycle, and a huge dog came out of no where, and tried biting Elder Woolf in the leg, so he turned around and like scared it or something but he wasn't watching and hit a rock and completely ate it... But he was fine so we kept running and taught the other appointments!!! It was just great!!! 
  It's been a great week here.  I absolutely loved the talk by the guy who talked about dancing, and the families.  And the talk by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland!!!  They were all great!!! love you all!! Give brandon a big hug from me  on Friday!!!