Monday, June 22, 2015

We had a great last week here.  Yesterday was the dedication of the new church in my area, we will start attending it on July 5. I'm so exacited!!! The stake president gave a talk right before he gave the prayer, and it was by far the best talk I have heard here from someone in the mission!! He just first started talking about how we need to maintain the church, and always keep it clean. Then he related it how we after our personal dedication need to stay clean, and stay dedicated.... and if we have fallen off of the path, how can we stay rededicated! It was just such an amazing talk.  Then after President Willard spent some time talking with me and my comp.  So we got to wish him a Happy Father's Day!! haha 
The sad news is that the sister of the Pinto family, the one with cancer passed away this last week.... and they had all the funeral and stuff there, and all of their family came in from all of Bolivia.... It really hurt them, but they are still staying so strong, it's great!!  The Leon Family are finally getting everything done with there papers. On Thursday they asked us if we could fast with them, so that they won't have any more problems with their papers and that they can finally get baptized.  So yesterday we fasted, and it was such a great experience.  Then a lawyer in our ward offered to help them all day Wednesday to get everything done!!!  It's great!!! 

This is my comps last week in the mission, and he wants to give everything that he's got.   So we are going to work like crazy so we can just have tons of miricles!!! 

Everything is going great here though.  I'm so happy here!   I love you so much dad, and I hope you know that you are the best.  I have yet to meet anyone who works harder than you, and who still makes time for church and his family!!!  Thanks for everything family, love you all so much!!!!! 

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