Monday, January 19, 2015

So I did end up getting transferred.  Now I am in an area called Bermejo! it is the farthest away area from the mission home in all of the mission... I had to take an hour plane ride, then a 3 1/2 hour car ride through the mountains to get here! This area is right by the border of Argentina also!  For me it kind of feels like Jackson Hole. Because it's a small town with nothing but mountains surronding it, and it has a big river that runs right by it!  But the people here are so great, and so loving! They want to help the missionaries so much!!  My area is even more hot than Santa Cruz though. Which makes it tough, but the people say that it is going to start to get extremely cold in February... and I would be lying if I said I wasn't excited... haha

My comp is from Chile! He is cool, and I believe that we will get along!  Our branch is super great, and all the people are super loving, they call us and ask when they can come to lessons with us... My new house is nice, and I live with the zone leaders.  They're both super sweet!  I believe that I'm going to have a great time here, and I am excited to work with these people.  Love you guys!!!
Elder Beals

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Monday January 12, 2015

Hello from Bolivia!! 
   Well this week went by so fast. I don't feel like I have very much to say.  Because it just flew by!! We had a confrence with our president.  Then all the missionaries in our zone had interviews with him.  I know without a doubt that he was called by God to serve here, and that God knew I needed to have him as a president!!  He is so amazing!!! And his wife is just so great!!  I guess he finishes his mission like two weeks before we do though.  So my final interview will not be with him.  I am actually really sad about that. but I'm trying not to think about it!! 
   We have still been contacting a whole bunch.  Everyday we find new people, who are so great.   We found this one family.  We only talked with the dad and his two daughters, and they seemed interested.  So we set up a day to come back.  When we went back last night he was there with his whole family, but his wife didn't seem to except us very much.  The lesson wasn't going very good.  Then my comp turned and asked me if I had the Proclamation to the Family.  I remember putting one in my bag, even though I did not know why.  Then we changed the lesson and started teaching that to her.  She completely opened up, and wants to learn more.  Man I am excited to continue to teach her!! 
  Well transfers are this week, so I will find out tuesday night if I am going or staying in this area.. I kind of want to go to explore, and try out another part of the city, but I also dont want to, because my comp and I get along great, and it's such a good area.  But I guess we will put it in the hands of the Lord!!! love you guys!! 
Elder Beals

Monday January 5, 2015

Hey Family 
   Well this was a good week.  It has just been raining a whole bunch here so it has actully cooled down a little! Which has been really nice.  But because all of the roads are dirt, it has been really hard to work because everything is super muddy.  There is water everywhere!  But it's ok because when it's raining and the people see us in the street they feel bad so they let us in more, so we teach more! Haha but its going really good with my companion and I.  We have been contacting a ton this week.  We just want everyone to at least hear the name of the church.  We found some really good people, and I'm super excited to start teaching them this next week! This is the last week before transfers, and I feel like I might get transferred, but I'm not sure.  I want to experience a new area but I love this area and the people here. And I am kind of nervous to change! 
  This one guy in our ward had dinner one day with my comp and I.  He has an amazing conversion story! He has been married four times.  The first three just seemed to fail soon after.  He was determined to make his fourth marriage work but he didn't know how.  Then one day missionaries came to his door.  He was not really intrested in them, but his wife was.  He sat in on the lessons with them because they said they needed a man to join them.  But he refused to pray about the church or Joseph Smith.  He was planning on telling the missionaries  not to come back anymore.  Then in one of the lessons the missionaries said something about temples... and  about being sealed for eternity.  That really caught his attention.  He started listening more closely, and for every question that he had, the missionaries had an answer.  When they explained the plan of salvation, and the use of temples, he said his feet started to get really warm, and then the rest of his body.  He knew he needed to join the church.  Shortly after he was baptized, and a year later sealed in the temple.  That was 16 years ago.  Now he has eight kids with this wife.  All of them are sealed to him.  And all are active in the church!  Just  a quick story that I liked and thought I would share with you guys. Love you all!!! 
Elder Beals

Monday December 29, 2014

Hello family,
Wow, time really does go fast.  I can't believe that Tanner is already home!!! It's crazy to think how soon Brandon will be home!!! It's hard to think that it is snowing in Utah. That's something I miss so much!! 
Well, this week was great.  Even though Christmas didn't even feel like Christmas.... They like don't celebrate it that much here. There were still tons of people working and doing construction in the morning.  But it was great to talk to you guys!!  It made me a little home sick, but the mission life took that away!! 
My comp and I have been contacting like crazy this last week.  We want to widen our pool of investigators.  And it's a great time to contact because families are together more at this time.  We found this way cool family who moved here from Brazil.  They have such a cool accent when they speak spanish!! And when they speak Portuguese I can understand a decent amount of it!  I really want them to progress because they are way nice and cool!! 
But everything is going super great here.  I am so happy and content to be on my mission.  I'm so glad to hear how good everything is going for you guys.  All the blessings that you are recieving is because you have an amazing son on a mission, and theres also me!!  Haha love you guys!! 
Elder Beals 

Monday December 22, 2014

Well this week has been a great one for sure! At first it was crazy hot, like alway. But I guess it was the warm before the storm. Because it started raining really hard, and this morning the streets were filled with water.  It was so hard to leave our area to come to where we write, because no buses pass by.  The streets are seriously a river!! Haha 
   We found this one guy who is super evangelist, but really receptive. So we started teaching him. He was accepting everything, and he loves finding out how true the church is. But his wife didn't want to listen to us.  Then Saturday we passed by their house 10 minutes before the appointment and his wife was outside.  So we talked to her, and she said she would join us for a lesson.  So we had a lesson with both of them.  She said that her church didn't have any of these things, and that only the church of God would have all these covenants!! It was just super great and I'm super excited to continue to teach them!!  Everything is going good.  My comp and I are super excited for Christmas. I believe were going to skype around two your time! Not sure, I'll work out al the details with you when I call this afternoon! love you tons!! 
Love Elder Beals