Monday, July 13, 2015

Monday July 6, 2015

Well training is a lot more different than just normal mission work..... So my comps name is Elder Carrasco, and he is frorm Santiago, Chile. He is super amazing, and we are going to do lots of good things together.  Something is wrong with this computer, so I can't send pictures, but I will the next week. 
   So when we were in the training meeting right before it started president called me over, and told me that he felt really strongly that he knows who my comp is, and then told me who my comp was going to be, and that the Lord trusts me with him... He never tells people who there comps are going to be before the meeting, so I feel like I have a really big responsibility... 
  But this week was great.  For the first time we went in the new church, and we had a lot of people attend.  Even though it has been freezing cold here, and rained everyday this last week.  The new church is so nice, and so beautiful.  The Leon family loved the church also.  Unfortunately, they found another problem with their papers so its going to take two more weeks to process them.... The good thing though, is that they are staying excited!!!! 
  I'm so glad to hear that grandma is doing better, I was so worried about her this last week, and that relieves me to hear that shes out of the hospital!!! 
  The rain this week has been really tough, I feel like I just wade through rivers all day, because that's all it is... my area just fills up with water, and you have no other choice than to walk in the water.... 
  But it's been a great week, thanks for all your love, I'm so glad to hear you guys are doing so well!!! Love you all tons!!! 

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