Monday, June 20, 2016

So I forgot my camera so I don't have any cool pictures to send, but let's just say that this was a super cool week here! So First off, My comp is just seriously so good, he is a lot better missionary than me, and he only has a couple weeks here in the mission!!! 

So we have been having a couple struggles this week, because it is really cold. No one here has heaters, or anything to heat them up when it's cold, so they just get in their bed right when they get home from work.  They don't like the thought of getting out and talking to us... but we did find this was cool guy.  His name is Sergio, he is from Bolivia, but he lived in Switzerland for 13 years, and with all the money he made there, he came back to Bolivia, and started his own business. It was different teaching him, because all the people we teach are almost all catholics, or evangelist, and they have a really closed mind, and they are not open to new ideas. But when he lived in Switzerland he was introduced to all kinds of new religions, so when we explained about the restoration, and how the truths were lost, he said "Oh that all makes sense."  Then even before we invited him, he said "So if I wanted to know the truth, I would have to do the same as Joseph Smith and ask God." It felt like right before we were about to explain anything it already occurred in his mind that's what needed to happen. He was just surprised how everything all made sense! It was such a cool experience!!! He is really good! 

 Also the Zuniga family they are just so great!!! The dad is just way smart, and he just loves to read and to learn! This week he was studying about Jacob 5 and all of the olive trees, and he just understood like everything. He just is so smart and he is progressing so fast! He got the priesthood this week, and they are going to give him a calling next week! They are just the best people!!! 

I finished the book of mormon also this week, for the 4th time in the mission, and the 2nd all in Spanish! I really do love that book, and I can feel my testimony being renewed every-time I read it! It's the best! 
I am glad to hear that everyone is doing good! I really love to hear that everything is going good! I miss you guys and love you guys!!!! Have a great week! 

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