Monday, June 6, 2016

Monday May 16, 2016

Well, we had an amazing week here!!!! We were able to meet so many cool people!!!! First, we had an amazing conference with Elder Montoya, who is just an amazing guy, and his humbleness and patience amazed me! The we had a cool stake conference, where they divided the stake here, Elder Uceda was here, and also Elder Hale (from the seventy). Wow, I learned so much from these conferences!! Elder Uceda talked about the Sabbath day, and the importance of it.  He explained when the bible was written in greek the words mean different things than what we understand. It was just a great conference!!! 

Oh we also found a scorpion in our house.. That was kind of scary, but also really cool! 

This week the Zuniga family had their interviews, and are getting everything ready for baptism.  They are going to wait till the end of the month to get baptized, because the brother of the mom who is a bishop is going to come to Tarija at the end of the month! But they are really good! Then also something else cool that happened this week is that my comp and I were contacting, and we decided to go for a street we hadn't been on, and we knocked a door, and the lady didn't seem very interested.  So we asked her if any of her neighbors would be interested. In order to get rid of us, she told us the name of her neighbors.  It was a super nice and big house.  Normally rich people don't talk with us.  But we knocked, and a lady came out so we started talking to her, and she let us come in.  We met her husband, and we started talking with them.  They told us how a week and a half ago, they were going to Villamontes, and had a horrible accident.  Their car rolled 3 times, and nothing happened to them.. Then the dad said he knew he needed to get closer to God in his life.  They said they were normally never home on Sundays, but because of the accident, they decided to stay home that Sunday, and that's when we knocked!! We had a super good lesson and talked about the plan of salvation.  They are just really nice people!!! It was great!!! 

Well I just love being here, things are going great, and I love this work!!!! Thanks for everything mom!!! Love you!!! 

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