Monday, June 6, 2016

Monday March 21, 2016

Hello Madre!!!!

So another crazy week here!!! Well the city of Villamontes are really mad about taxes and they decided to have a blockade.  They have shut down all transport and so no one can leave Villamontes or Yacuiba, and no one can come in either!  We were suppose to have a conference with president but he couldn't get in.  We also had a district conference, and like no one was there.... 

Also the weather has been crazy! It got super hot, and then a huge cold wind came in and it has been really cold here these last two days... My comp has been freezing because he is not used to cold weather at all! But I like it a lot, because I sleep really well when it is really cold.  But it is not very fun to shower in the mornings.... haha 

The new family that we are visiting is called the Davila family!!!  They are doing really well! They have already started reading the book of mormon, and they are just great! Also we have been able to find a couple of new families that are also really great! So we will see how we go with them! Also the assistants from the mission came to do exchanges with us this week, and that was also a really good day! 

Well everything is going great here, thanks for your love mom!!! I Hope you have a good week!" 

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