Monday, June 6, 2016

Monday April 11, 2016

Well this has sure been an eventful week!!! 

Well first the weather has gotten cold here! Even though it is only like 60 degrees everyone feels like they are freezing to death!!!! I also get cold in this weather! But there is a way nice sister in the ward, (the mother in law of the Betancourt family) That made us hand made sweaters that are way nice! I will have to send you pictures next week cause I didn't take any of the sweater! 

Then for the Guzman family... Well they were suppose to have there interview with President Willard, but for some problems he couldn't come down, and then their family started telling them they should just wait to get married. That they should wait until they are able to be baptized.  So they decided to put off the wedding another week, and then there family told them they are not prepared and they are rushing everything.  They just decided to listen to Satan and their family.  They want to prepare everything better, and have a big nice wedding... So they decided to wait for two months to do everything, and it has just been a real struggle and shock for us. I don't know why, but thats what has happened with them this week... 

Then in church, I think I hit an all time record of things my comp and I had to do this week... First, I directed the music in sacrament, and then passed the sacrament, and I also bore my testimony. After that, I taught the gospel principles class, and then I did some records in the computer cause there is no secretary, and I taught the Elders Quorum class... It was a crazy Sunday...  I have never had to teach so much in church. But it is fortifying my testimony, and helping me learn also!!! 

Mom, I am getting a lot better at soccer cause we play like every week, and things are just going good here! Even though there are trials I know the lord loves me, and this week while I was studying alma 42 I was able to really understand a lot of things better! Thanks for being the best, I love you all! 

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