Monday, June 6, 2016

Monday April 4, 2016

Hey Mom!!! 

Well this was just a crazy week here this week!!!! So first off, after writing you on Monday I went to the hair cutters, and the lady completely messed up on my hair, and it looked awful.  So we decided to just go to a different place, and they just cut it really short and made it all even... Now it is really short, and you know how much I hate really short hair... 

Then on Wednesday I had to go to the area of the other Elders. and in the bus my bag disappeared, and I couldn't find it, inside I had all my scriptures and my camera... but then on Sunday some guy was driving by and stopped us and said that he had found my bag, and gave it back to me with everything in it... super lucky that no one stole anything. 

Then for conference!!! Conference was the best!!! My favorite talks were by Gary E Stevenson, cause he talked about losing his car keys while skiing and I couldn't help but smile and think of dad! Then I loved the one by President Uctdorf on Sunday!! That one really helped me understand some things better! And I also loved the last talk by Elder Holland!!! It was just an amazing conference!!! It really inspired me to be better and to improve on a lot of things with the time I have left! 

Oh just so you know that Keyla Romina is the Betancourt family, the lady and daughter that I baptized!!! They are just the best!!! The Guzman family is also doing great, and if everything goes good they should be able to get baptized this Saturday!! They are just a great family, and they loved the conference also!!! 

Mom everything is going great here, I love the people, and I love the lord. I just feel so happy and at peace right now to be here in the mission, and I just am loving every moment I have!!! Thanks for being so great and nice to me! I love you All, you guys are the best!! 

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