Monday, June 6, 2016

Monday April 25, 2016

Hey Mom!!! 

So yes, It's very sad the news that I got transferred... I actually am really missing the little branch in Yacuiba!!! I am now in a ward called San Bernardo, in the city of Tarija! We were suppose to go Tuesday night to Santa Cruz, and then take a plane to Tarija, but there was a blockage and no buses could go to Santa Cruz, so the only option they had was send us on a crappy bus that goes 10 hours straight to Tarija, on a dangerous road... Lets just say that was an eventful experience, and I am glad it's over.... haha 

My new comp name is Elder Asto, and he is from Peru... he just barely started the mission and he is really new... I am also the district leader here, and for the first time in my mission, I am in a zone with Sister Missionaries. It's a lot different than working with Elders.

Also something cool that happened, is that my comp and his old companion had a baptism prepared for this Saturday, and I got here just a couple days before the baptism... haha but whats cool is that the day before we went and visited them, and after the lesson the dad asked if I could baptize him, and then one of the other kids too! So I was able to baptize two of them! 

It's a lot different in this new area, but I am determined to work really hard here, and to do all I can, because it will most likely be my last area!  I am convinced this area is going to be great! 

 Thanks for everything family! I love you all a lot! 

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