Monday, June 6, 2016

Monday May 2, 2016

Hey Mom! 

Well this week was a lot different than any of my other weeks in the mission!  A storm came in from the south, and this whole week has been just a bitter cold! Like Utah cold... I have never in my whole mission worked in cold weather! But now I am getting more used to it! But we had a cool experience this week, We had one day where we were able to find three new families! Then a couple days later we found another family! My comp is shocked because they almost never found families before, and it was even harder in the cold, but the lord blessed us so much this week! 

There is this one family that should be baptized soon, there name is the Zuniga family!! They are just the best! They are really smart, and the dad just has a huge testimony!!! The other day he was wondering what the pearl of great price was, so he started reading it, and when we went there, he was so excited to share how he learned about the importance of the creation, and how much importance it has that the bible doesn't give! He is so great! He even study medicine in Chile! They should hopefully be baptized next week! 

Well mom, I think I will call you today to try the connection on Skype! Love you mom!!!!

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