Monday, June 6, 2016

Monday March 28

Sounds like everyone had a really good week this week!!! My comp and I sure did also!!! Well first off I went to Villlamontes to do exchanges with the elders there, and there was like this huge blockage that is still going on, and we had to walk like 2 miles to get into the city. They are really upset so they are not letting people in and out unless you walk a long way.  But for 2 days I was with elder Dansie, he is a cool missionary who is from Pleasant Grove, and we started the mission together, so it was fun to be with him for a couple of days. 

Then my comp and I have been working like crazy to get the branch going here. The branch president has asked us to help with the Home Teaching, so we have been doing a lot of divisions with members, and calling them like twice a week to remind them to go and visit. 

 Also the Guzman family had a couple of trials, the husband went to Santa cruz to sell his car, and he couldn't sell it, and I think they lost money while they were there.. He got back Friday, and expressed to us that he was going through a lot of trials, and didn't know what to do.. We shared some things, and then we invited him to come with his family to the activity that we were going to have on Saturday. Then on Saturday my comp and I did an activity about Lehi´s dream.  We had all the people follow a rope, and turns out that the Guzman family all let go of the rope and they were lost for a really long time... Afterwards we talked about what it represents, and they understood really well. Then at church the class was about a talk given about enduring and enjoying our trials, and it really helped the husband. Then at night when we went to visit them he told us about how much he liked the activity and the talk and said that they are done waiting, tomorrow they are going and doing everything to get married!!! My comp and I were so happy for them!! 

The Branch also loved the activity!! It was really good, and it really helps the people realize what the dream is all about!  The members here are great and the Branch president is great.

Gotta love the miracles that God gives us!! There were a lot of other miracles this week, but I will write about them another time. Thanks for all of your prayers and thanks for your love mom!!! I hope you have a great week! Cause I sure am having a great time here! 

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