Sunday, June 5, 2016

Monday March 7,2016

Hey Mom! Wow Jeff really does look like a chipmunk!!! haha but its good to hear that he is doing better, how is he going with the mission papers? 

Well this was a great week  this week! I had to do a bunch of papers to make sure I can stay here in Bolivia, and they gave me a visa passport that doesn't expire until 2017, so I am basically Bolivian for 2 years more!!! Haha but after that we went back to the offices and at the same time they were having leadership council there.  When President Willard saw us he told my comp and I to enter, and we were able to participate in that, which was cool! 

The Guzman family is doing ok. They are still waiting on marriage, and I am really not sure when they are going to get married. The other families we are teaching are doing good also, we just need to help them a little more! 

With the dengue that everyone is getting it is affecting the branch... This week I had to bless the sacrament, while my comp and one other recent convert passed it, then I taught the gospel doctrine class, and after that the branch president asked if I could teach the elders quorum class, cause he said there was no one else to do it... 

Sometimes I get a little stressed but to be honest I am so grateful for these opportunities that the lord is giving me to learn and to grow! I know I learned a lot on Sunday, and I know I am learning everyday!I think I have given more than 30 blessings in this last week, everyone has been getting sick here... But I will do it. I have a strong testimony in the priesthood blessing of the sick now, cause we saw a lot of miracles this week!  I also have learned to love to always be busy, cause when I am not busy I am bored, and I hate being bored, I need to always be doing something!

Thanks for everything! Love you! 

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