Monday, June 6, 2016

Monday May 30, 2016

 Hey Mom!!!! 

So this was sure an eventful week.  So first off, Monday Night, I just woke up at 2 in the morning and I felt really sick, so I got up, and went to the bathroom, and just threw up a ton! then I woke up the Elders, and they gave me a blessing, and right after I threw up again.. Then I finally fell asleep, and after that when I woke up again, I barfed again.. I felt really sick that day, but then all the sudden at night time I just felt better, and Wednesday I was perfectly fine! I was really nervous that I was going to be sick for the week, but everything was fine! 
So everything has just been going great with the Zuniga family! They should finally be baptized this week! They are seriously just the best, the husband loves the scriptures, whenever we go there, he always talks to us about the scriptures, and it sounds like he has read them like 5 times! Right now he is halfway through Alma, he finished the pearl of great price, and is starting D&C! he is super smart also!!! 

We also had the miracle of being able to find a lot of cool families this week! I just love when out of no where families come out, and we find them! Not all of them progress, but I strongly believe that lots of times we are just planting a seed in their hearts, and in the future they will see missionaries and talk with them again and get baptized! Cause almost all the people who I have baptized have seen or talked to missionaries at one point, but it just wasn't there time! 

Also this week I have been reading a lot in the end of 3rd Nephi, and Mormon! It is really interesting how they foresee everything that was going to happen with the Lamanites and the house of Israel! And it's also really interesting to read all the promises about the Gentiles! I just love learning new things about that, and I can't believe i was never interested in all this before the mission. 

Thanks for everything mom and dad!!!  Just to let you know, this week I start my last transfer, it will be the best transfer of my whole mission!!!! love you all!  

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