Monday, January 4, 2016

Monday November 2, 2015

Well it was a great fun, and hot week this week! So there was a huge heat wave that came in this week, and we were practically dying... Then the rain came in yesterday, and it has not stopped raining since... 

This week my comp and I were contacting this one area. and we saw a family sitting outside, so we went up and contacted them, they seemed very happy to see us also, and let us come it. As we were talking with them. the wife told us that before she lived in Cochabamba, and she helped on the outside contruction design of the temple. She said the missionaries taught them there, and that when they moved to Santa Cruz they lost contact with the church. Her whole family is members, and her brother was even sealed in the temple. They accepted baptism, and said they have always been waiting for the missionaries to come back and find them, and now we did!!! They are super great. and I'm excited to teach them. (if I dont get transferred this wednesday)

I'm sending you a picture of an old man named Brother Peña. He is just the coolest guy ever, he was even the first bishop in Bolivia, and the 2nd stake president! After that he was a counselor to the mission president for 6 different presidents.. Then he was a patriarch, and now he is our ward mission leader! He is the coolest man ever, and he has the strongest testimony!!!!

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