Monday, January 4, 2016

Monday November 23, 2015

Well great week that we had here! We had so many miricles, and it was just so fun!!!! 

So first off this week my comp and I did inter-cambios with the other elders.  I went with an Elder from Arkansas, and he is brand new in the mission. It was a really fun day.  Now I know how missionaries who are training new white kids feel... 

Then my comp and I have been working really hard in our area to try and find new people. We just had a miracle! There is this one guy in our area who is a less active. He and his family live in the house of the members where we eat lunch everyday. Well they are a super nice family, but the wife is Catholic. The guy has been less active for so long that they really didn't want to talk to us, then one day the husband joined us for lunch.  He seemed to have a lot of questions about the 12 tribes of israel, and the importance of all that, and  as it happened to be a topic that I was studying that week, we answered all of his questions, and then without us inviting them, they went to church.  In the gospel doctrine class we talked about the temple, and the importance of it.  After the class they started asking us a lot of questions.  Our branch is going to the temple this next week, and they have been so interested in it, that they decided they want to go, just to see the out side of it.  After church the 10 year old daughter came up to us and said that she wants to be baptized, and her mom too. So this week we are going to go by and start teaching them!!! 

Also this week the whole Rivero family went to church. (the guy who has the drinking problem) and he has not had a drink of beer for 2 weeks now!  He is also progressing really well, we just have to help them get married... 

Well thanks family for all the love, and all the things that you guys do for me!!! I love you all very much!!! I hope you all have a great week!!!! 

Elder Beals lost the battle with a low lying tree branch

Pizza with the Elder from Vilamontes

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