Monday, January 11, 2016

What a great week here in the mission!!!! 
Things were just great this week!!! So the whole day Tuesday my comp and I were in Santa Cruz for leadership council, and it was a very spritual experience! Presdent Willard is having a family struggle, and it turns out his grandson passed away, 7 hours after birth, but he still did the conference with us, and he even related this trial to the missionary work, and it was mind opening! 

Then this week we had a couple of great miricles!!! First off, The Guzman family is doing great, and they are going to get married and Baptized the first week of Febuary!!! They realized they need to do it, and even though it will be hard, they are excited for it!!! Then at church, we have this family who is less active who we are teaching, and when we first starting teaching them, they said that all of the kids have been baptized, but it turns out that the last two never got baptized, and we never knew... so now the kids are going to get baptized, and we also have this other girl who turns out she was baptized, but there was a problem with the computer when she got baptized, and looks like she never got registered.. so the mission said we have to baptize her again... haha 

 Also of the guzman family, the other brothers and sister started going to church, and out of that family we have 7 investigators, and all of them were at church. 

Things are going great here, I love the missionary work in this branch, and it is really growing a lot!  Thanks for all of your love and support, Love you so much! 

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