Monday, January 4, 2016

Monday November 30, 2015

So to tell you about my week, I think we had the biggest miricle ever this week!!!!. On Tuesday at lunch we were talking with the Betancurt family and we had a lesson with them to start teaching them and get them ready for baptism.  The wife told us that because she is Catholic, she doesn't want to get baptized, but she supports her daughter in the decision. Then in the lesson we asked the girl when does she want to be baptized, and she said this Saturday.  We were a little surprised, but we said ok, and that we will help her so she can get baptized.  Then everyday that week we were teaching her and getting everything ready for her baptism, and she was really excited.  Then Friday she had her baptisimal interview. (her parents were there) and after she finished it we said that we will get everything ready so she can be baptized on Saturday.  And the family left.  My comp and I started cleaning up everything, and like 5 minutes later the mom and dad entered in again, and the mom looked like she had been crying..  She asked us, "What do I need to do to be baptized?" We told that she needs to attend the church one more time, and start reading the BOM and stuff like that.  She told us that she had been reading the BOM everynight this past week, and she had a magazine from the church about temples that she read all the way through..  So my comp and I called President willard and explained the situation, and he said that if she is ready to baptize her. So we called the Elder to come back, he did the interview, and she got baptized with her daughter!!! It was the best!!! The branch was so surprised also, because she had been receiving the missionary lessons for 11 years and never wanted to be baptized... right now they are on there way to the temple, and they are so happy!!!! They already have plans to be sealed in December also!! She has such a strong testimony about being sealed, and that is the thing that she wants more than ever right now! 

Well that was the best thing that happened this week, Now we have a crazy week ahead of us, My comp and I are going to Santa Cruz tonight, for leadership council, and then on Friday we have to get everything ready here, because president willard is coming to Yacuiba to have a zone conference with the Elders here. We are going to be traveling a lot, but its ok. I have learned how to stay entertained on long rides with out an Iphone and Music.... 

 Well family, I love you all a whole bunch, and I hope you are all doing great!!! 

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