Monday, January 18, 2016

Sounds like everyone had a great week this week!!!! I sure did too!!!! So this week, my comp and I had to go on exchanges with the Elders in Villamontes, and I went last time, so it was my comps turn to go with them! (neither one of us wants to go, because it is the hottest city in the whole mission) But he said he will buy pizza if I go, so I accepted the offer very fast and I went to Villamontes for two days this week!! It was great getting a chance to go and work with the other Elders there!!! I look up to them a lot, because it is so hot in that city, but they don't complain at all!! 

Then I got back here, and My comp and I noticed that some elders in our zone still needed help, so we did another intercambio with them, and I went to that area again, so I didn't work that much in my own area this week... haha but it's ok, because we were still able to find a lot of new people to teach! 

The Guzman family is doing great! The husband has been kind of sick for a while.  He has some type of sickness but I forgot the name.  He said that He feels like God gave him that trial so could come closer to Him. Then he asked us for a blessing, and he said that same night that he had a dream of him being baptized, and he said that he was so happy!!! So they should be baptized soon!  The daughter of the Mendez family should also be baptized this week, if everything goes well! 

Thanks mom for everything, I love you so much! 

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