Monday, January 4, 2016

Monday December 28, 2015

Well mom, This week of Christmas was great!!!! It was so nice to see all of you guys, and to talk to all of you!!!! I miss you guys so much!!!! 

So everything has been going great here.  We have this new family that we are visiting, and they are just the best!!! The grandpa is a memeber, but none of his kids, then a couple Sundays ago, he brought his son, and his daughter in law with their kid to church.  Then he told us we need to go and visit them. We went there and had an amazing lesson.  This week they came to church again, and they just love the church, and there kid love primary!!! 

I bought myself a sweet soccer jersey for christmas!! Haha 

This christmas in the mission was a lot better than the one last year, last year it just wasn't that fun, but this year my comp and I really made the best of it, and we really enjoyed it! But I was thinking mom about what you said how the laminites had all types of false traditions from their fathers. It is the same here. So many people do things only because it is a tradtion! LIke everyone here has been baptized as a baby even if the parents aren't catholic, and they only do it cause they heard you are suppose to.

But everything is going great here, thanks for everything family, I love you all!!! Have a great New Years eve.

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