Monday, January 4, 2016

Monday November 9, 2015

Well  I have not been able to say that I have had a new area for these last 7 months, but now I finally can!!! I'm in an area that is called, Yacuiba!!!! Its a small little city thats by the border of Argentina. It's kind of like Bermejo, but it's bigger. Im also a Zone Leader here now. My new companions name is Elder Arenas, He is from Peru, and he is just the coolest guy ever!!!! He speaks way good english, and he has like one month more than me in the mission! 

So this week has just been great!!! Monday while I was still in Guapilo there was a soccer tournament in our ward.  Our bishop called president to get us special permission to play in the tournament!  We took second place... Then on Tuesday in the morning they called me and told me that I was going to get transferred, but they didn't know where, that I just need to get my stuff ready. Tuesday night there was an activity and they asked the missionaries to plan it out. So mom we used the activity from Bom journey, and did the Iron rod, and it was so great!!! We had the bishop, and another guy just tempting everyone to let go of the rope, and we had tons of obstacles!! its was so great!!! Then at the very end the bishop told everyone that I was getting transferred.  It was really hard to say goodbye to everyone. They all wanted to take pictures, and I felt famous for a little, so many pictures were taken!!! 
Then we had leadership council all day Wednesday and Thursday. It was great, President always helps me to find new things, and to be a better person!! Then Thursday night my companion and I got on a bus, and we had an 8 hour bus ride all night here to Yacuiba... Then friday morning the elders from a little town called Villamontes, called us and said they need a baptismal interview for there investigator.  So my comp and I got in a van, and drove two hours, gave the interview and drove back.... haha we have been traveling a lot! 

The Branch that I am in is great!! They love the missionaries a lot here, and really rely on them. I'm really excited to start serving them!!! 

Well that's how my week has been, love you family!!! 

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