Thursday, October 30, 2014

Monday October 27, 2014

Things are going great here in the mission! Other than the heat... I'm dying here.  But it is just starting the rainy season.  So it has started raining almost every day.. Which I dont mind it while it is raining, because it cools me down, and feels really nice.  But after the rain it is the absolute worst thing ever!  Everything becomes so muddy because it is like all dirt roads.   Then the humidity hits.. and it is so hot, and i cant do anything with out drippping in sweat! It's awful. 

But our investigators are progressing really well, we should for sure have a baptism this next Saturday.  And maybe even more the Saturday after that!  The couple that was supposed to get married moved in with their mom, and ore no longer in our area.  Which is really sad because they were progressing really well.  But it's okay because we found three new investigators that day.  And the missionaries in that area will be recieving some great people! 

My district leader got transferred this last week, and now he is a zone in leader in a different area.  I'm really sad, because he was way cool, and he helped me out a lot!  But  it's ok, because we got some more awesome people in our zone this transfer! 

We are going to go play wally ball for p-day today. So I'm pretty excited about that. It's a lot easier than soccer and bowling! Haha.   We taught a bunch of people this week with members present, and it was awesome.  Every member we asked to come with us did.  The lessons are so much better with a member! They make huge sacrifices to come.  I know that the Lord will bless them for doing missionary work! 

My companion is a great guy.  His whole family is members, he was born in the church, him and his older sister. He gradutated from college, and he is 25, He wasn't going to go on a mission but then he decided to.  He's been out for 10 months, and this is his second area.  His first was the part of Brazil, and he had to learn Portuguese, so he speaks that fluently.  We are slowly working on his English, and its getting better everyday.

Everything is going good here, thanks for everything, love you guys!  

Elder beals!

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