Thursday, October 30, 2014

Monday October 6, 2014

Let's just say that this week was like Christmas for me!  Conference was absolutley amazing, and the talks were so inspiring. They make me wanna be a better person!  When I walked into the first session Saturday morning my zone leader gave me a package!! It was the one you sent, and it was so great to have conference with candy, and in english! It felt like I was back home! 
It is elecion week here, next Sunday they vote for a new president.. So things are getting a little crazy here! Don't worry, I'm not saying anything about politics.  When people bring it up I quickly change the subject. I mean I couldn't really talk politics if I wanted, because my vocabulary is not broad enough for that! 
I saw a tucan this week, adding that to another more of the sweet animals I've seen here!  I have seen more stuff in these last four weeks than I think I saw all last year! 
Our investigators are slowly progressing.  We teach a lot of people a day, and we can get everyone to agree to our commitments, but they have a hard time keeping their commitments... We just have to trust in the Lord and His timing!  It was so great that we got this one guy to come with us to the second session of conference on Sunday.  Thats was where Bednar gave his amazing talk, especially for investigators!!  It was just great!!  But everything is going good here, Thanks for the package!! love ya! 
Love Elder Beals

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