Thursday, October 30, 2014

Monday October 20, 2014

Things are going great here in Bolivia! My Spanish is actually coming along really well, not as well as I hoped, because I just wanna be fluent right now.  But it is really teaching me a lot about patience... haha.  We didn't have the baptisms.  We were preparing a couple to get married first because they were living together, but they  got in an arguement, and put off their wedding, and are still living together.  So we have to wait for them to get married. Also our other golden investigator is having a hard time with one of the commitments.  So we decided to give him more time, till he is ready. It was a hard decision to put it off, but we wanna make sure that all of them are ready before we have them make their first covenant with God!
It has just been getting hotter and hotter ever day, and it is killing me!!   But i guess it cools down a little after December, so I just have to endure it till then! It's crazy that this week finishes up my first transfer!  It seriously feels like yesterday that I left!  Time really does fly out here! 

I'm so glad to hear that everyone is doing so well at home.  All day Wednesday I was thinking about Bear, and how much I miss him! Haha so we found two families this last week.  One of them Friday, and one last night. They are both amazing, and we had great lessons with them.  We just need to get them to church this next week!  That's our biggest struggle here, is getting people to come to church.  Because no one wants to take the bus for 50 minutes... But trust in the Lord and he can change their hearts! }
Im so glad to hear that you guys are working so hard.  Because you are doing the exact same thing that I am doing.... Haha it's tough walking everywhere every day, and I would do anything for a car.  But it makes me appreciate everything so much more! 
love ya! love Elder Beals

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