Sunday, October 5, 2014

Monday September 29, 2014

Let's just say that the bolivia life is crazy!  There was a lizard that I'm pretty sure was at least two feet long in our house, along with like 3 other smaller ones!  Then we were teaching a lesson, and a huge tarantula came and walked like 2 feet from me!  It was like the size of my hand!  A major heat wave came in this week.  It has been even hotter than it was when I first got here.  I didn't know that was possible!  At the end of the day I could take off my shirt and sqeeze like a gallon of sweat out... gross!  I saw a monkey for the first time, so that was pretty sweet!  It was small and crazy.  I wanted to catch it and take it home!
Our shower has these like sketchy wires that go to the shower head that are suppose to heat the shower, which it doesn't really heat it. It just makes it so its not freezing cold.  Well, they sparked and stopped working this week.  So good thing dad taught me how to strip and rewire.  Because that's what I spent my morning doing!  For breakfast I make myself a fruit shake, and it's the best!  I can't wait till the mangos in our front yard from our tree are ready, so I can make a mango shake!
Investigators are going great.  We have three people we should baptize this next Saturday.  I have yet to teach a lesson where someone hasn't said something about how tall I am!  I'm a giant here. It's a good thing I played so much fifa before I came.  Because that is a great way to start a convo with someone!  The mission is going great, thanks for everything, love you!

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