Monday, November 3, 2014

Things are going great here, we are busy as can be, like always.   If everything goes as planned we should have two baptisms this week, which should be great!!  One guy is kind of old, but he loves the church so much. He loves going there, and he loves the people!  His prayers are really simple.  I always loves when he prays, because he always says thank you for the elders his best friends, and thank you for the church! Since we met him, about four weeks ago, he has attended every week.  We really hope that he can have his baptism this week! 
The guy who wanted to take the sacrament did come to church, and he said he really, really liked it.  He just needs to pray, and receive an answer! 
The rainy season has official started.  It has been raining almost everyday.  Which is good, because it's a lot more cooler!  But we were talking to this one priest at church, and he said at about the end of december we are gonna need boats to get around.. Haha I guess it just rains a whole bunch, and non stop! 
This morning there was a moth in our house, and it was probably the size of both of my hands put together!! Biggest thing ever!! We spent like the whole morning trying to get it out.  It was like a bird, and wouldn't leave!! 
everything is going good here.  Thanks for everything, love you!!
Love Elder Beals!

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