Thursday, January 15, 2015

Monday December 22, 2014

Well this week has been a great one for sure! At first it was crazy hot, like alway. But I guess it was the warm before the storm. Because it started raining really hard, and this morning the streets were filled with water.  It was so hard to leave our area to come to where we write, because no buses pass by.  The streets are seriously a river!! Haha 
   We found this one guy who is super evangelist, but really receptive. So we started teaching him. He was accepting everything, and he loves finding out how true the church is. But his wife didn't want to listen to us.  Then Saturday we passed by their house 10 minutes before the appointment and his wife was outside.  So we talked to her, and she said she would join us for a lesson.  So we had a lesson with both of them.  She said that her church didn't have any of these things, and that only the church of God would have all these covenants!! It was just super great and I'm super excited to continue to teach them!!  Everything is going good.  My comp and I are super excited for Christmas. I believe were going to skype around two your time! Not sure, I'll work out al the details with you when I call this afternoon! love you tons!! 
Love Elder Beals

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