Thursday, January 15, 2015

Monday January 12, 2015

Hello from Bolivia!! 
   Well this week went by so fast. I don't feel like I have very much to say.  Because it just flew by!! We had a confrence with our president.  Then all the missionaries in our zone had interviews with him.  I know without a doubt that he was called by God to serve here, and that God knew I needed to have him as a president!!  He is so amazing!!! And his wife is just so great!!  I guess he finishes his mission like two weeks before we do though.  So my final interview will not be with him.  I am actually really sad about that. but I'm trying not to think about it!! 
   We have still been contacting a whole bunch.  Everyday we find new people, who are so great.   We found this one family.  We only talked with the dad and his two daughters, and they seemed interested.  So we set up a day to come back.  When we went back last night he was there with his whole family, but his wife didn't seem to except us very much.  The lesson wasn't going very good.  Then my comp turned and asked me if I had the Proclamation to the Family.  I remember putting one in my bag, even though I did not know why.  Then we changed the lesson and started teaching that to her.  She completely opened up, and wants to learn more.  Man I am excited to continue to teach her!! 
  Well transfers are this week, so I will find out tuesday night if I am going or staying in this area.. I kind of want to go to explore, and try out another part of the city, but I also dont want to, because my comp and I get along great, and it's such a good area.  But I guess we will put it in the hands of the Lord!!! love you guys!! 
Elder Beals

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