Monday, December 15, 2014

Well this week was a crazy one for sure! It was also an extremely hot one, like always!! My comp and I contacted a whole bunch this week, and explored a bunch of areas we have never been to.  But we didn't have a whole bunch of lessons, and we were kind of frustrated that no one was excepting us.  But my comp told me not to lose my faith, because without faith we are not going to find anyone at all! So then we were walking and we passed by this one kid, and he said "Hi elders."  We asked him how he knew us.  He said the missionaries talked to his family a while ago.  So last night we went by this house.  They were all so accepting and loving. The lady said that her son was visiting today, and he normally isn't there, and he is a member. So we talked with her son, and he is actually a returned missionary.  His family has always been interested in the church, but they moved and lost contact with the church and the missionaries in the area! So when we found them they were so excited.  She has been reading the Book of Mormon, and their whole family is so excited.  It was just such a blessing to find them!! 
But things with my comp are great, we get along so well.  He has so much time in the mission, and because of that I am learning so much from him.  Things like how to intruduce certain commandments, and how to motivate  people to go to church! He is super chill and funny!! 
Bryson sent me as picture of what happened to the garage. And dad in the Captain America costume. Haha kinda funny I think!!  But I'm so happy to hear you guys are doing so well, I pray every night that you guys will recieve blessings, and I love you guys a whole bunch!! 
Love Elder Beals

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