Thursday, January 15, 2015

Monday December 29, 2014

Hello family,
Wow, time really does go fast.  I can't believe that Tanner is already home!!! It's crazy to think how soon Brandon will be home!!! It's hard to think that it is snowing in Utah. That's something I miss so much!! 
Well, this week was great.  Even though Christmas didn't even feel like Christmas.... They like don't celebrate it that much here. There were still tons of people working and doing construction in the morning.  But it was great to talk to you guys!!  It made me a little home sick, but the mission life took that away!! 
My comp and I have been contacting like crazy this last week.  We want to widen our pool of investigators.  And it's a great time to contact because families are together more at this time.  We found this way cool family who moved here from Brazil.  They have such a cool accent when they speak spanish!! And when they speak Portuguese I can understand a decent amount of it!  I really want them to progress because they are way nice and cool!! 
But everything is going super great here.  I am so happy and content to be on my mission.  I'm so glad to hear how good everything is going for you guys.  All the blessings that you are recieving is because you have an amazing son on a mission, and theres also me!!  Haha love you guys!! 
Elder Beals 

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