Sunday, August 31, 2014

Wednesday August 27, 2014

Hey mom!!! This week has been the best week by far!!! Since I emailed you we have been to the temple twice. We got to have lunch there, and it was so good!! Proselyting was way fun and humbling! It was really hard to talk to people, but as soon as we got going, it went great! We had 11 referrals. This one lady said she was waiting for something like this in her life. So we committed her to baptism, and contacted the Elders in that area. They've already begun teaching her!  

Yesterday was the absolute best!  After the temple we took a tour.  We went up this mountain and got to look over all of Bogota. It is huge!!! Then we went to an Inca gold museum. That was sweet! The city is crazy.  Everyone stares at the 16 white kids walking down the street. They say all kinds of stuff to us!   After that we went and bought some jerseys.  They're sweet!  The "CREW" of my seven favorite Elders all got James jerseys. They're the sickest things! I also go a Colombia National Team jersey! When we got back we watched Ephraim's Rescue.  It was just the perfect way to end the amazing day! 

We changed rooms again, and the kid with the full ride to be a BYU QB left. But I got a pic with him. Just in case he is famous one day! My new room is the biggest one here.  We have 16 elders in there!  I get my new companion tonight.  He is from Peru.  He will get here at like Midnight!  Everything is going great here.  Spanish is so easy now.  I'm so excited to get to Bolivia! 

The floor looks amazing. Tell dad that he did amazing, Tell Brandon and Tyler I'm proud of them, and I miss them! Love you guys! Hasta luego! 
Elder Beals

Beautiful Bogota

The "CREW"

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